by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

One of the great mysteries of life is how Democrats have managed to tar Republicans as America’s racists.  I mean, unless I’m entirely mistaken about their party affiliation, FDR’s favorite Supreme Court liberal, Hugo Black, and that grand old man of the U.S. Senate, Democrat Robert Byrd, were proud members of the Ku Klux Klan.

George Wallace, Orval Faubus, Strom Thurmond and even Theophilus “Bull” Connor, all came to political prominence with a (D) after their name.  What’s more, a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The bill, by the way, had spent months bottled up in the Rules Committee, thanks to its chairman, Rep. Howard W. Smith (D).  The fact of the matter is that the Democrats spent 83 days filibustering against its passage until Republican Senator Everett Dirksen used his power and prestige to get it enacted.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the first three black men elected to the United States Senate, Hiram Revels; Blanche Bruce, who was the son of a slave; and Edward Brooke, were all Republicans.

Therefore, one has to assume that the reason that over 90% of black Americans troop out to vote for any left-wing bozo, be he black or white, is that down deep they agree with patronizing liberals who regard them all as ignorant and shiftless.  Otherwise, why would they parrot left-wing talking points about conservatives?  Why would they continue to invite liberal politicians into their churches to use their pulpits for campaign purposes?  And why wouldn’t they question the morality of liberals who not only conveniently ignore “separation of church and state” on such occasions, but on all other occasions, are leading the attack on Christian leaders, symbols and traditions?

They would also have to ask themselves why it is that they get to blame their crime stats and mind-boggling rate of high school drop-outs and illegitimate births, on white racism, whereas Asians somehow out-do whites on average when it comes to education and earning power.  If America is such a racist nation, wouldn’t it figure that whites would subjugate Asians?  After all, not only are they easily recognizable, but over the past 70 years, we have waged war against Japan, North Korea and North Vietnam.

So, just exactly how is it that all those people who come here from Cambodia, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Laos and the Philippines, seem to flourish, while people who were born here, speak the language and have been the recipients of billions of dollars worth of government programs, including Operation Head Start, small business loans and affirmative action, continue to whine about racism and continue to support white liberals and the various crooks, creeps and communists, collectively known as the Congressional Black Caucus?

If white Americans are racists, we’re certainly the most selective ones the world has ever known, inasmuch as our bigotry seems to be reserved solely for illegal aliens and black ingrates.


copyright 2010 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine.

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