by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

It seems that those on the political left change their labels nearly as often as ACORN changes its name.  One day, they’re calling themselves communists and socialists, then it’s Democrats and next it’s liberals.  They’re like professional grifters who move from one town to another just before the local cops close them down and toss them in the clink.  They change their names and their con games, but one thing they don’t change is their spots.

I, personally, find it odd that some of these leftists, such as Hillary Clinton, have taken to calling themselves progressives.  The reason I find it so peculiar is because back in 1948, Henry Wallace ran for president as the standard bearer for the Progressive Party, which everyone knew was what the Communist Party was calling itself at the time.  In fact, it was only thanks to dumb luck that Comrade Wallace wasn’t running as the incumbent.  After all, he had been FDR’s vice-president during Roosevelt’s third term.  Fortunately, FDR was persuaded to dump Wallace and run with Truman in 1944.  Otherwise, it’s safe to assume that the Soviet Union wouldn’t have had to rely on the likes of Julius Rosenberg, Morton Sobell and Alan May, to provide them with the plans for the A-Bomb.

But, by whatever name the leftist loons call themselves, a conservative could drive himself batty trying to figure out what passes for their thought process.  For instance, James Cameron spent hundreds of millions of dollars to produce “Avatar,” a movie that required every last bit of advanced cinematic technology.  The end result was a three-hour movie condemning modern technology.

At least, unlike Cameron, most of his fellow environs are consistent.  They’re nuts, but they’re consistent.  Alexander the Great allegedly wept because he had no new worlds to conquer; the environs would weep if they had no new worlds to destroy.

Unlike Alexander, who was honest enough to make it all about him, these fruitcakes pretend that they’re out to save the planet and every inconsequential critter that crawls or slithers across it, when, in fact, they are merely out to destroy America’s industry and ruin our economy.  The next time one of these cretins is caught burning down a new car lot or sabotaging some part of the timber industry, instead of jail, they should be deported to some place like Bangladesh so that they could get a better idea of the utopia they’re seeking for all of us.

These are the same people who keep insisting that we adopt the health care system of England, Cuba or Canada.  Just the other day, a Brit took me to task for demeaning the English system.  He even went so far as to point out that America’s current health care costs are three times as much as theirs.  I asked him if he thought that might have something to do with our having five times as many people.  None of whom, by the way, have to wait a year or two to have a colonoscopy…even if they want to!

As for Cuba, according to Reuters, Castro’s paradise is running short on toilet paper.  It’s no wonder that even Michael Moore, who doesn’t strike me as the most fastidious of men, doesn’t run off to Havana to have his oil checked.

Speaking of health care, who exactly are those 31 million uninsured people who would have died in the streets if Pelosi hadn’t strong-armed ObamaCare through Congress?  So far as I can figure, there are two groups who make up the 31 million.  The first group consists of young people who don’t wish to blow their money on something as unsexy as health insurance when they could be spending it on booze and recreational drugs, and the second group is made up of illegal aliens.  So it is for their sake, Obama set out to destroy the world’s finest health care system and gobble up one-sixth of the nation’s economy.  Welcome to his world.

Furthermore, while I have my own bone to pick with insurance companies, why should they be required to insure people who have what the feds are calling pre-existing conditions?  On the face of it, that sounds like a condition that existed before it existed, and reminds me of a pre-heated oven.  But if what they mean by the term is that someone waits until he has AIDS or leukemia before he goes looking for health insurance, how is that any different from waiting until your house is ablaze before shopping for fire insurance? CRO

copyright 2010 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine.

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