by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

Based on the email I receive from my readers, I understand that I’m not alone in thinking that the left-wing lugnuts have turned America into the world’s biggest loony bin.  I’m not quite sure how they managed to pull it off, but the evidence of their mischief is obvious and overwhelming.

For openers, we have the administration’s refusal to let White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers explain how the Salahis crashed the state dinner for India’s prime minister, Dr. Monmohan Singh.  These are the same folks who spent eight years insisting that the American people had a right to receive regular status reports on Dick Cheney’s bowel movements.

For my part, I am less concerned with the presence of the Salahis in the White House than with Rahm Emanuel, Cass Sunstein and David Axelrod, having the run of the place.

I happen to approve of Obama’s demanding that Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai eliminate the rampant corruption of his administration.  Likewise, I approve of Karzai’s insistence that President Obama do the same.

I don’t suppose that anyone was terribly surprised when Chris Matthews, the man who’s given hope to lispers everywhere, referred to West Point as the enemy camp when Obama used the venue and its cadets as stage scenery for his recent noodle-rattling speech.

Many people gave the president kudos for aggravating his liberal base by committing 30,000 additional troops to the war in Afghanistan.  Perhaps I would have added a few of my own if he hadn’t used the occasion to voice his opposition to the wars in Vietnam and Iraq, basically spitting in the eye of those gallant men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in those distant lands.

It says something about the loyalty and discipline of the cadets in the audience — at least those who managed to stay awake — that they gave the goofus-in-chief a polite round of applause at the conclusion of his asinine remarks.

Inasmuch as Obama, as usual, provided the enemy with an end date for America’s commitment, one could hardly describe his speech as a call to arms.  It was more a call to disarmament.  I suspect that, based on his record, whenever Malia or Sasha misbehaves, punishment consists of being sentenced to time-outs in their palatial bedrooms.  At the very least, I’d make them listen to an hour’s worth of Joe Biden’s most memorable orations.

What more needs to be said about the current administration than that Obama takes every opportunity to insult America; that he curtsies to the Saudis and the Chinese and pays his profound respects to Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; all the while, back-stabbing Poland, Israel and the Czech Republic?

And, then, for good measure, he allows three Navy Seals to face prosecution for bitch-slapping an Islamic terrorist.

Is it really any wonder that I wish it had been the Obamas who’d been caught sneaking into President Salahi’s gala event? CRO

copyright 2009 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine.

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