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Discount Diclofenac, by J. F. Kelly, 750mg Diclofenac, Jr. 500mg Diclofenac, | Coronado

Since President Barack Obama has wisely reneged on many of his campaign promises, hastily given to win votes and financial support from liberal anti-war groups, I suggest he consider backing off on a few others, 250mg Diclofenac, also. Diclofenac paypal, Among them is his promise to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay which houses some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

Members of Congress, governors and many politicians of his own party, those with actual responsibilities to constituents as opposed to, say, ACLU spokespersons and various protest group leaders, balked when it came to resettling the detainees anywhere on their own turf, Discount Diclofenac. They were even more horrified at the prospect of some detainees being released on U.S. soil because of insufficient evidence to ensure conviction in a civilian court or because providing such evidence in a public setting would jeopardize national security, 200mg Diclofenac.

“Not in my backyard, Diclofenac ebay, ” was the response from those who had demanded that GTMO be closed. California’s Sen. Discount Diclofenac, Dianne Feinstein was aghast at the thought of incarcerating the detainees at Alcatraz, calling it a national treasure. I’ve been to Alcatraz (as a tourist, 150mg Diclofenac, that is) and I have trouble thinking of that forlorn rock as a treasure of any kind, Diclofenac canada, although it is popular with seagulls.

Constructing a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art maximum security slammer seemed like a great idea until it came time to decide where to locate it. So when the time came to close GTMO as promised, Diclofenac overseas, both houses of Congress, Diclofenac australia, the Senate by a decisive 90-6 vote, denied funding until the administration could come with a plan for what to do with the detainees. But, 50mg Diclofenac, of course, 100mg Diclofenac, it has no plan.

Former Vice-president Dick Cheney warned that president Obama was endangering our national security by closing GTMO, saying “it’s easy to win applause in Europe for closing Guantanamo, but it’s tricky to come up with an alternative that will serve justice and national security.” Amen to that, Discount Diclofenac. Campaign promises come easy. Actually implementing decisions is much harder, Diclofenac mexico, as Mr. Diclofenac craiglist, Obama is learning. As usual, the devil lies in the details and in the implementation process, Diclofenac japan. Discount Diclofenac, Anyone can make promises to please the crowd and the foreign critics.

So what to do with the detainees when no one wants them in his country, Diclofenac us, state, county or city. We could repatriate them to Yemen or some other Muslim state, 1000mg Diclofenac, of course where they most likely would be re-united with the terrorists to fight us again as many have already. 30mg Diclofenac, Should we spend millions to build another ultra-secure prison that nobody wants in his backyard. Should we mix these dangerous people with other dangerous prisoners who are mad at society and ripe for recruitment into the terrorists’ ranks.

Here’s a novel solution, Discount Diclofenac. Just keep them in GTMO where millions have already been spent to provide for the physical and spiritual comfort of the detainees whose living conditions are superior in many respects to those of many of our citizens and certainly most of our civilian prison population, Diclofenac uk. So why close it at all. 40mg Diclofenac, Permit me to answer my own question. GTMO has become a symbol of everything that liberals hate about “Bush’s war”. Discount Diclofenac, “Close GTMO” became an anti-war rallying cry.

Here are some facts, 20mg Diclofenac. The detainees at GTMO enjoy more amenities than military recruits do during basic training. Diclofenac coupon, They are not tortured there unless you define torture as indefinite detention. The military does not practice waterboarding there or anywhere else except to train its own special warfare personnel in survival skills. The CIA used it three times with significant success in saving lives on at least one of those occasions, Discount Diclofenac.

Here’s another suggestion, 10mg Diclofenac. Mr. Diclofenac india, Obama and his backers should stop blaming his difficulties and flip-flops on the last administration. That’s what coup leaders and dictators do in third world countries. Discount Diclofenac, Aside from the economic problems he inherited, which he arguably has made worse, his current quandaries are mostly self-inflicted as a result of campaign promises too freely given. CRO

copyright 2009 J.F. Kelly, Diclofenac usa, Jr. J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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