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by Yvette Kratzberg | Orange County Why Proposition 8? Why now? In 2000, Proposition 22 was put into law by an overwhelming majority voters. It defined marriage in the California Civil Code as between a man and a woman. Simple enough. But the will of the People wasn’t sufficient for the California Supreme Court. The activist majority of the Court, miraculously discovered in the California Constitution that it’s unconstitutional and discriminatory to prohibit same sex persons from marrying! Who knew? Now comes Proposition 8, which simply and clearly adds to the state’s Constitution the phrase: "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” Liberals tell us the Supreme Court ruling remedied a discriminatory, grievous wrong. Shouldn’t we, as fair-minded Californians, vote against the bigoted and deceptive Proposition 8? Let’s not be blind to what’s really going on. Gays and lesbians would have us all believe that they are a poor, sad, bunch of basically decent folks who suffer unfair discrimination simply because they were born gay. They would have us believe that they only want to be accepted as they are and be left alone to seek their own happiness. They plead to end “discrimination.” Pleading “discrimination” is the chosen strategy of the gay movement, not because they want to end discrimination and not because they actually want to marry, but because they see it as the most effective approach to further their political agenda. They have worked tirelessly to get sexual lifestyle choice to be viewed as an intrinsic part of a person’s physical makeup like color, gender and race. They are still working to get federal legislation passed that would include gay and lesbian and transgender into the “discrimination” profile. This would accomplish their ultimate aim, making it illegal to oppose their point of view. The reality is that gays and lesbians and their activist leaders are an organized political force seeking a wholesale conversion of every public and private entity by forcing them to acknowledge, validate and legitimize the gay lifestyle, legally silencing every opposing point of view or philosophy, including true Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In the past two years, the gay and lesbian movement and their leaders have actively attacked every facet of society that chooses to think or believe differently.
  • They have attacked the medical community, planting gay and lesbian persons in private practices seeking elective procedures and then suing when the doctors referred them to other practices because they had moral and ethical objections about artificially impregnating single, lesbian women or changing the sex of a gay man.
  • They have attacked government officials, and anyone in a position of power, anytime these officials expressed their personal, moral, ethical beliefs in public – inundating them and the media with outrage and hateful letters and e-mails.
  • They have attacked the foster parent system and adoption system, not only to ensure that gays and lesbians can adopt these unfortunate children, but to instigate investigations and harass any couple or family who holds personal, moral and ethical beliefs contrary to theirs.
  • They have attacked Corporate America, blackmailing large companies with threats and lawsuits, forcing them to actively and publicly support the gay and lesbian lifestyle.
  • They have attacked scientific research in America, promoting anyone who would support their lifestyle and shutting down funding and support to anyone who researched anything they saw as dangerous to their cause.
  • They have attacked private non-profit organizations (like the Boy Scouts of America) seeking to plant gay men into positions of power so that they could brainwash young boys into believing the gay propaganda. And they continue to attack, blackmailing landlords, public agencies and even cities into harassing these organizations and making it difficult to function.
  • Most malignantly, they have issued a wholesale attack on public schools, blackmailing local and state officials into mandating and legislating a change in the definition of gender. No longer is it defined as male and female, but also as what an individual may perceive that they are. They have also mandated a change in sex education, attempting to brainwash kids as young as kindergarten that the gay lifestyle is not only an option, but something they need to explore. The gay rights movement has also been behind almost every attack on the homeschooling system, to insure that “no child is left behind” from progressive brainwashing.
Gays recognize that Proposition 8 is deceptively simple. "…only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” A handful of words, but a bulwark in the defense of traditional American values. If Prop 8 is defeated, and marriage redefined to satisfy the gay and lesbian movement, we will be caving in the face of a malignant and democracy-hating movement. Are we as a society willing to give up the freedom to hold our own personal, moral and ethical beliefs? Are we willing to overhaul every institution and public entity to honor gay values? If we look ahead, can we envision an America where choice of lifestyle and personal beliefs are made slave to hate-crime lawsuits? Where the government legislates what we can believe? Or where there is no safe haven from beliefs opposed to our own? Are we ultimately willing to condemn churches, mosques and synagogues and the believers who worship there because they dared have a different point of view? The gay and lesbian movement and their leaders would have us see them as regular folks who just want to pursue their own happiness. I have no problem with them pursuing their own happiness, but when they start meddling with what I can believe or what I can teach my children or what can be taught at my place of worship, or what science can tell me or my elected officials and schools, that’s the time to draw the line. I will vote YES for PROP 8. CRO copyright 2008 Yvette Kratzberg

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