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opinion from the late,

great, golden state...

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by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

When I read that Americans Buy Valtrex No Prescription, had responded to the earthquake in Haiti by donating over a billion dollars to relief efforts, I was amazed once again at the generosity of my fellow citizens.  Even though they, themselves, are suffering through an economic meltdown, they once again opened their purses, their wallets and their hearts, in order to help out suffering strangers.  Even though at least half of the donors were conservatives, those very folks that left-wingers deride as bigots, the recipients were black men, women and children.

Speaking of bigotry, Valtrex australia, 150mg Valtrex, I have no idea if I'll be supporting Mitt Romney in 2012, but I do wish that everyone could get past his religion.  Those people who have a different faith should understand that the tenets, Valtrex overseas, 40mg Valtrex, symbols and traditions, of every religion appear odd, 50mg Valtrex, Valtrex coupon, to say the least, to outsiders.  In some cases, Valtrex usa, Valtrex craiglist, they can seem absolutely daffy.  But this is America; we're entitled to be odd or at least appear that way to others.  But unless someone is an Islamic fundamentalist or a Satanist -- or do I repeat myself. -- one's religion shouldn't preclude a decent person's being elected president, 30mg Valtrex. Valtrex japan, That brings me to the current resident of the White House.  I am still somewhat mystified as to how someone who climbed out of the sewer of Chicago politics by standing on the shoulders of Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and Jeremiah Wright, Valtrex canada, Valtrex paypal, ever made it to the Oval Office.  Granted, Hillary Clinton was caught flat-footed and John McCain ran such a terrible race that if he'd been a racehorse, Valtrex ebay, 500mg Valtrex, they would have had him undergo a urine test.

Still, 20mg Valtrex, 100mg Valtrex, in what parallel universe would a guy who boasted that the high point of his career was that he'd been a community organizer be elected the leader of the free world?  After stating that the trouble with the U.S. Constitution and the Civil Rights movement was that they didn't deal with the redistribution of the nation's wealth, I wonder how is it that he got a thousand votes, let alone 62 million.  He was also the chowder-head who, after saying that America was the greatest nation on earth, insisted that it was his mission to radically transform it, Buy Valtrex No Prescription.

Frankly, 200mg Valtrex, 250mg Valtrex, I think it was a classic case of Pygmalionism.  Americans, thanks in great part to the most rancid media this side of China, 10mg Valtrex, Valtrex uk, were mesmerized by the mantra of Hope and Change.  Voters were encouraged to think of politics in terms of a fairy tale, as if Obama was Prince Charming and that empty slogan was code for "And they all lived happily ever after."

The more Obama talked, 750mg Valtrex, Valtrex india, the more, it seemed, Valtrex mexico, Valtrex us, poor, ugly men were lulled into thinking they'd become rich and handsome, 1000mg Valtrex, while homely women came away believing they'd become beautiful and be pursued by rich, handsome men.

Pygmalionism, as you probably guessed, is the state of being in love with an object of one's own making.  These days, it's also known as Obamaism.

The confounding aspect of all this is how so many people who regard religion as a sham, and who have nothing but contempt for Christianity and Judaism, continue to believe that Obama is the messiah.

That brings us to Rev. Buy Valtrex No Prescription, Franklin Graham, who was first invited to address the Pentagon on the National Day of Prayer, and then was uninvited after a couple of Muslims complained.

I am not a Christian and I have never met Rev. Graham, but I was outraged after hearing about this.  Since when does the intolerance of a few nullify the wishes of the many?  This is not to suggest that a minority should be deprived of their say, but nowhere is it written that they are entitled to the final say.

From my vantage point, it appears that even after the Pentagon's cowardly policy of political correctness led directly to the murders of 13 innocent Americans at Fort Hood, the military still hasn't learned its lesson.

Under Bill Clinton, homosexuals in the service were advised not to tell and the brass was ordered not to ask.

Under Barack Obama, it seems that the policy is still in place, except now it's being directed at Christians.


copyright 2010 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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