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opinion from the late,

great, golden state...

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by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

Buy Deltasone No Prescription, When you're a right-winger living in California, you tend to envy people who live elsewhere.  For a long time, I've envied Texans.  For one thing, judging by my email, most of my biggest fans seem to live in the Lone Star State.  But, also, aside from an occasional cretin like Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texans seem to elect more than their share of stalwart conservatives, Deltasone canada.

Another state I came to admire was Oklahoma.  That was after discovering that it was the only state in the Union in which Obama failed to carry a single county in 2008. Deltasone india, Now, of course, I've lost my heart to Arizona.  At last, Deltasone uk, a state has sounded the alarm about illegal aliens.  Sure it was a long time coming, 40mg Deltasone, but at least Gov. Jan Brewer and the Arizona legislature have finally stood up for the law of the land.  Even John McCain, who has spent years sounding like an immigration lawyer, 100mg Deltasone, jumped aboard the bandwagon.

On the other side, we have virtually every hack politician with a Hispanic last name ready and eager to display his ignorance, bigotry and lack of patriotism.  I mean, really, is there an uglier, more disgusting sight than a bunch of dunderheads complaining about racial profiling when their own actions and statements are based solely on race, Buy Deltasone No Prescription. 50mg Deltasone, Arizona has been over-run by at least half a million illegals who have placed unbearable burdens on its schools, hospitals and emergency rooms.  They have made Phoenix the kidnap capital of North America and turned its countryside into an open sewer for drug smugglers.  It took the cold-blooded murder of an elderly rancher before the good folks of Arizona said, enough is enough, 30mg Deltasone.

We keep hearing the same stale propaganda that these sneaks are the people who'll do the jobs that gringos won't.  Well, Deltasone paypal, I have a news flash: With unemployment hovering at 10%, if those jobs ever existed in the past, they don't exist today.  Besides, Deltasone ebay, why should they get the jobs that could go to people waiting patiently for their names to be called in Ghana, 150mg Deltasone, Poland and Vietnam.

The only people who oppose Arizona's new law-- a law based, by the way, Deltasone japan, on our own federal law -- are members of the Catholic Church hierarchy who are anxious to fill church pews; drug lords who want to maintain a steady flow of product, 200mg Deltasone, users and salesmen; President Calderon, who wants those American dollars to continue flowing south in order to keep the Mexican economy afloat; American politicians with names like Hernandez and Gomez, who want to increase their power base, 10mg Deltasone, and punks like Mayor Gavin Newsome who represent places as left and loony as San Francisco.  We shouldn't overlook the DNC, 500mg Deltasone, an organization so corrupt that Mafia dons attend their seminars in order to pick up tips from the likes of James Carville and Rahm Emanuel.

The fact is, when you see these people all agreeing about public policy, 750mg Deltasone, it's safe to assume it's going to take its toll on your heart, 1000mg Deltasone, your head and your wallet.  In much the same way, the savvy among us know it always makes sense to vote against any bond issue supported by unions. Buy Deltasone No Prescription, In my opinion, it should be a criminal act for anyone to compare the new law in Arizona in any way, shape or form, to what took place in Nazi Germany.  Hitler, in case it slipped your mind, was arresting, torturing and murdering, Germans for no other reason than that they were Jews, Catholics, gypsies, invalids and homosexuals.  Members of the Gestapo weren't simply asking to look at green cards and sending non-citizens back to Poland, France and Holland.  They were sending them to Auschwitz.

Ironically, Deltasone overseas, Article 67 of Mexico's Immigration Law states: "Authorities, Deltasone australia, whether federal, state or municipal, are required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country."  In spite of which, 250mg Deltasone, President Calderon had the gall to compare our border fence to the Berlin Wall.  Nobody bothered pointing out to the jackass that there's a world of difference between building a barrier to keep illegal aliens out and erecting one to prevent one's own citizens from escaping. 20mg Deltasone, Frankly, I'm shocked that the millions of Hispanics who were born here or who came here legally aren't raising a stink about those who are sneaking in.  After all, it's also their tax dollars that are being squandered supporting the illegals and their own jobs that are being lost and their own wages that are being under-cut, Deltasone coupon.

And how odd is it that leftists, Deltasone mexico, who seem to prefer everything European to anything American never mention that tourists on the Continent are required to show their passports on a regular basis.  So, apparently, it's only the United States that's not supposed to protect its borders from uninvited freeloaders, Deltasone craiglist.

Anyone who has the audacity to suggest that Americans are bigots because we tend to be slightly more suspicious of 25-year-old Saudis boarding airplanes and 25-year-old Mexicans loitering around Home Depots is either a hermit who has spent the past few decades living in a cave or a politician pandering for cheap votes. Deltasone us, Believe me, when Swedes start blowing up our buildings and 12 million Aussies try sneaking across our border, we'll be equally suspicious of tall blonds and guys who call us "mates" and keep asking us to toss another shrimp on the "barbie."


copyright 2010 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, Deltasone usa, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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