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Discount Hormone, by J. F. Kelly, Jr, 100mg Hormone. | Coronado

Americans have had a full year to assess the policies and performance of President Barack Obama and if the polls are to be believed, they are not pleased. 200mg Hormone, But what did they expect. They elected a man with virtually no experience at running anything to the most powerful and demanding office on earth, to preside over the largest and most complex economy and government in the world, Discount Hormone. It is an awesome management and leadership challenge, calling for, one would think, Hormone uk, extraordinary experience, wisdom, Hormone overseas, judgment, maturity, vision and communications skills. Give Mr, 30mg Hormone. Obama credit for the latter but it is not enough. Governing is much harder than campaigning. Discount Hormone, With only a partial, lack-luster term in the U.S. Hormone coupon, Senate and a brief career as a state legislator, Mr. Obama was one of the least-known nominees for the highest office in the land. What gave voters the idea that he was qualified for the job, Hormone canada, let alone able to accomplish the transformational change he promised.

The answer should be clear. The voters, particularly the young and experienced, were taken in by the boyish enthusiasm, pop star-like qualities, speaking skills and upbeat message of hope and change, Discount Hormone. 750mg Hormone, He appealed as well to journalists, minorities, union members, environmentalists, 20mg Hormone, educators, academic elites, Hormone us, fans of world government and open borders and an assortment of social activists who saw in his candidacy an opportunity to implement long sought liberal goals while increasing the role and reach of government until it became more like the much-admired European social democracies.

For Republicans and independent conservatives, the presidential election campaign was the perfect storm. The economy was a mess, Hormone australia, owing to the collapse of the real estate bubble. Voters were angry with the Bush Administration for failing to anticipate it. Discount Hormone, They succumbed to the natural tendency to clean house of the party in power. Hormone mexico, A media love affair with the photogenic and likable Mr. Obama helped. A lack-luster campaign by his aging, less-photogenic opponent sealed the deal, 500mg Hormone. American elections are still, in some respects, Hormone craiglist, popularity contests. As a result, we elected a virtual amateur who projected great hope and confidence but who was better qualified to be a public relations agent than a chief executive, Discount Hormone.

After one year in office, it is obvious now that he has no notion of how to effect transformational change in a complex, heterogeneous society like the United States, 1000mg Hormone. He promised to change the way Washington works but instead, finds himself a captive to the way it works. Hormone ebay, His domestic agenda is in shambles and his preoccupation with it has caused him to neglect external crises and priorities like the war on terrorism which he has downgraded to a law enforcement campaign and a nuclear-armed Iran, now a virtual fait accompli. Health care reform, his domestic obsession, collapsed under the weight of a ponderous, 250mg Hormone, overreaching proposed overhaul that few wanted and fewer understood. Government intruded massively into the automobile and finance sectors. Discount Hormone, His stimulus packages increased the number of government jobs but did little to restore confidence in the private sector. Hormone usa, One in ten Americans are out of work. Many more have taken pay cuts or have stopped looking. Millions live in fear of losing their jobs and homes. Debt has skyrocketed to levels that frighten Americans and cause them to worry about the future, Hormone japan.

They have good reason to worry, Discount Hormone. There are three more years remaining in Mr. Obama's term and in spite of election reverses that ended his party's super majority in the Senate, 10mg Hormone, he shows no indication of being willing to move to the moderate center of the political spectrum where most Americans reside. Although he challenges Republicans to come up with ideas, he looks on with apparent indifference as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid systematically exclude Republican input as they attempt to ram through whatever liberal legislation they can before voters give them the boot in November.

Former President Bill Clinton showed political dexterity in moving toward the political center after his party suffered election losses two years into his term, 40mg Hormone. Discount Hormone, This president probably won't. He would rather be the president who nationalized health acre than a two-term president who failed to bring any of the change he promised. He denies being an ideologue but his words betray him. 50mg Hormone, They are the words of a progressive who truly believes in the urgency of the reforms he espouses whether we can afford them or not because "they are the right things to do." This, to the typical progressive, transcends all reason, argument and cost consideration, 150mg Hormone. He believes, moreover, Hormone paypal, that his election was a mandate to accomplish these things. Problem is, we can't afford them all, Discount Hormone. Another problem is who gets to define what the right things to do are.

Americans generally resist that approach to governing, sometime after a brief experiment with it, Hormone india. They don't, for good reason, trust government to define what's best for them. They want debate and some measure of bipartisan consensus on the big things like, say, nationalization of an industry or one-fifth of the economy or incurring massive debt that will burden our children and grandchildren. Of concern to many Americans now is how much more harm the progressives will manage to inflict on the country in the name of progress before they are voted out of office. CRO

Discount Hormone, copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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