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opinion from the late,

great, golden state...

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by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

The more I hear Discount Actos, from Obama, the more convinced I am that he didn't understand that last November he was elected president of the United States and not simply re-elected to the Illinois state senate from the district in Chicago where Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright held sway.

Heck, I know I went into shock on Election Day; perhaps Obama did, Actos australia, too.  It would certainly explain why he sounds more and more like a cheap political hack out to curry favor with the unions and the folks who regard cradle-to-grave welfare as their birthright than like the leader of the free world. 500mg Actos, I used to wonder where race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton hired the various chumps and thugs who lined up behind them every time they gave a speech.  Now I find myself wondering the same thing about Obama.  Is there a warehouse where they're stored like other tacky stage props until needed?  What would you call such a business?  Rent-a-Goon?  Bums-R-Us.

Some people are asking why Obama, after claiming during the campaign that people should judge him by his associates, Actos ebay, people like Robert Gates, Actos canada, Warren Buffet and Paul Volcker, has turned the White House into an odd-bird sanctuary filled with such bizarre left-winged creatures as Valerie Jarrett, Jeff Jones, Actos uk, John Holdren, 200mg Actos, Cass Sunstein, Anita Dunn and her hubby Robert Bauer, and the SEIU's Andy Stern.  I think there are a few reasons.  One, 1000mg Actos, Obama is a far left radical, Actos us, and birds of a feather flock together.  And, two, by surrounding himself with czars and advisors who could just as easily have filled those roles with Stalin, 10mg Actos, Mao, Actos mexico, Castro or Hugo Chavez, he makes the run-of-the-mill Democrats -- the ones who actually have to go out and get elected, political hacks like Waxman, Actos coupon, Dodd, Actos usa, Frank, Murtha and Boxer -- appear reasonably normal and nearly sane by comparison.

When I hear voters suffering from buyer's remorse insist they didn't know what "hope and change" actually meant, 50mg Actos, I ask them what they thought he meant when Obama told Joe the Plumber that redistribution of wealth was a good thing.   Then I smack them with a baseball bat.

The truth is, when leftists talk about redistributing wealth, it's never their own wealth they have in mind.  Just as they won't be volunteering to entrust their own health to Obama's single payer, government-run, health plan.  But, then, neither will Barack, Michelle, the kids, the dog, Joe Biden or Obama's aging mother-in-law, for that matter, Discount Actos. 40mg Actos, What's more, whether it's the Soviet Union, China, Actos overseas, Cuba, 20mg Actos, Venezuela or North Korea, what the Left inevitably redistributes isn't wealth, but poverty, Actos india.

Lest I be accused of only dumping on liberals, 30mg Actos, let me take a moment to dump on a few conservative pundits, the ones who keep denying that Obama is a left-wing ideologue.  If anyone writes in or calls in suggesting that the letter after Obama's name shouldn't be a (D), but, Actos paypal, rather, 100mg Actos, an (S) or even a C, these guys have a hissy fit.  I understand they are trying to pass themselves off as reasonable men far above the partisan fray, showing the president proper respect and, Actos craiglist, simultaneously, 250mg Actos, attempting to persuade Independents and moderate Democrats to switch sides.  But as far as I'm concerned, it merely makes them sound either like total frauds or naïve dupes.  What's more, it places them in direct opposition to the majority of their conservative viewers and listeners, 150mg Actos.

They tend to be the same people who rudely dismiss people who have merely asked Obama and his lawyers to present documented proof that he's a natural-born American citizen. Actos japan,  It doesn't seem like demanding that the man in the Oval Office prove that he has a Constitutional right to be there should condemn a person to being tagged a "birther," and being likened to a knuckle-dragging baboon. Discount Actos, Those of us who identify Obama as a Socialist or a Communist aren't simply calling him names.  We're merely identifying him based on his statements and his policies.  In short, to paraphrase Harry Truman, we're not giving him hell; we're just telling the truth and the White House thinks it's hell.

As for trying to woo Democrats and Independents, 750mg Actos, whom are we kidding?  If the trillion dollar stimulus package; cap & trade; cash for clunkers; funds for ACORN; a quadrupling of the national debt in less than a year; the bailouts of GM, Chrysler and Goldman Sachs; $250,000 date nights; total capitulation to the UAW and the SEIU; the kowtowing to Islamics combined with the betrayal of Poland, Israel and Czechoslovakia; not to mention spending more time yakking with Oprah and David Letterman than with Gen. McCrystal; people haven't had their fill of the Community Organizer in Chief, I'm afraid they're a lost cause, and, so, treating Obama with kid gloves is either a really dumb or a really cowardly strategy.  Or perhaps a little of both.

Finally, I was wondering back when the White House had America's school kids singing "Obama...mmm...mmm...mmm," if the Campbell Soup Company ever considered suing for copyright infringement. CRO

copyright 2009 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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