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opinion from the late,

great, golden state...

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by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

I hear from readers Discount Augmentin, all over America complaining that their local newspapers seem to be nothing more than house organs for the Democrats.  You have to wonder if every last daily is being subsidized by George Soros because they all seem to be losing readership and ad revenue at record rates, and yet they persist in reviling half of their potential subscribers.

My wife often wonders why I continue subscribing to the L.A. Augmentin australia, Times.  There used to be three reasons, but that was before I discovered that I could access box scores at  One, because I kept threatening to cancel my subscription, Augmentin usa, they finally offered me a rate that comes close to their paying me to take it.  Two, 150mg Augmentin, it lets me know exactly what lies and propaganda the other side is trumpeting without my having to tune in the likes of Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann, Augmentin us.

It isn't simply the editorial page and the op-ed page that is devoted, 20mg Augmentin, Pravda-like, to heralding the greatness of our glorious leader.  It is every single section of the newspaper, including book and movie reviews, Augmentin japan, business and even the letters to the editor.  It was bad enough when, 10mg Augmentin, for eight years, one couldn't escape the constant harping on George Bush, but now that Obama is president, 250mg Augmentin, all the jeers have turned to cheers. Augmentin india, I find it very telling that although I wrote a humor column for the Times for 11 years in the days when it took its journalistic responsibilities seriously, I can no longer even get a letter published.

Just recently, I had occasion to write a couple.  Although I am not the most ecologically-minded person in the world, I do hate to waste perfectly fine letters just because the Times refuses to acknowledge that there are any conservatives in Los Angeles, Discount Augmentin.

In the first case, 750mg Augmentin, I was responding to a piece columnist Steve Lopez had written about traveling out to the north end of L.A. 100mg Augmentin, County to find out what sort of jackasses liked Glenn Beck.  Naturally, he managed to find exactly what he was looking for.  In response to his column, Augmentin canada, which was headlined "Looking for Common Ground in Glenn Beck Country, Augmentin overseas, " I wrote: "After reading Steve Lopez's not very subtle attack on Glenn Beck. It occurred to me that Beck's combined radio and TV audience is probably in the range of five or six million, which is several times larger than the circulation of the Times.  Still, 30mg Augmentin, I am willing to wager that if I drove out to Santa Clarita or any other community in Southern California, Augmentin coupon, I could find many more numbskulls who read the Times than tune into Beck.  Attempting to demean Mr. Beck, who is far less partisan and far more fact-based than your newspaper, 500mg Augmentin, by holding up a few of his fans to ridicule neither makes Lopez's case nor burnishes your own tarnished image."

In the second instance, Augmentin craiglist, I responded to a news story headlined "Obama Aide Quits, Slams Critics."  I wrote: "It is quite obvious why an avowed radical community organizer like Van Jones would be appointed a czar in the Obama administration.  That comes under the heading of birds of a feather.  However, inasmuch as Sean Hannity, Augmentin uk, Glenn Beck and WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah, 50mg Augmentin, have been reporting about this guy for a long time now, the question is why the Times never even got around to mentioning Jones until the day after he walked the plank.  You have to admire the gall of Mr. Jones, 1000mg Augmentin, though.  Not everyone would refer to a number of videos in which he declared himself a Communist; as a man who not only despises all Republicans, Augmentin ebay, but believes that white people ‘steer poison into communities of color;' accused the Bush administration of plotting the tragic events of 9/11; and quite proudly announced his intention to radically transform America, as ‘lies, distortions...and a smear campaign.'

"By the way, Augmentin paypal, in case it, Augmentin mexico, too, has escaped your attention, Jeff Jones, 200mg Augmentin, who co-founded the terrorist group, 40mg Augmentin, the Weather Underground with none other than Bill Ayers,

the fellow presidential candidate Barack Obama could barely recall ever having met, is currently a close advisor to President Obama.  Sincerely, Burt Prelutsky"


copyright 2009 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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