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opinion from the late,

great, golden state...

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by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

Maybe because I was laid up Buy Actos No Prescription, with the flu, my defenses were down.  Otherwise, even though I'd checked it out of the library, I probably wouldn't have broken down and read Ronald Kessler's "In the President's Secret Service."  You see, when it comes to books, I tend to prefer novels to non-fiction.  The reason is that novels are the work of writers, whereas non-fiction is written by people whose strength lies in research, not in writing with any sense of style.

Mr. Kessler has turned out a great many books over the years.  In fact, 150mg Actos, about 25 years ago we met because there was the possibility I was going to adapt one of them as a TV movie.  As is often the case, nothing came of it.  We'd had no contact since then, but I heard him being interviewed on Michael Medved's radio show.  It was a good interview in the way that some movie trailers are very good.  That is to say, just about all the best parts, 100mg Actos, the gossipy parts, were covered. Actos canada, One of the intriguing things to me was how Kessler managed to get past and present agents to go so candidly on record.  After all, there is a reason they call it the Secret Service and not the Blabbermouth Society.  It didn't take me too long to figure out the carrot Kessler employed as motivation.  It seems that the agents are sick and tired of being treated like an abused stepchild.  Because so many agents have taken early retirement, either to make more money in the private security sector or to join a better run organization such as the FBI, Actos uk, the agents who remain are angry about being spread too thin.  Additionally, being patriots, Actos australia, they fear that the end result of the Service being undercut is that assassinations are almost inevitable.

It seems that those who head up the Service are reluctant to complain that their ranks have been so seriously depleted that they are cutting dangerous corners.  Also, the agents feel that far too often, they are shown no respect by those they are sworn to protect, and that they are treated like gofers and babysitters, Buy Actos No Prescription.

Unfortunately, while the trade-off resulted in agents betraying confidences they had vowed to keep, it resulted in Kessler's turning out a book that, 750mg Actos, aside from the gossip, often reads like a plea to Congress for additional funds and manpower.  Others may feel differently, 30mg Actos, but I felt like the book was twice as long as it needed to be and as redundant as a ShamWow. commercial.

Some of the presidents and their families come off well, others come off as...well, Actos usa, pretty much the way you would probably guess.

The Obamas both get high marks, Actos ebay, as does Cindy McCain, but not her husband.  It seems John was irascible, short-tempered and just plain rude.  So, apparently, Actos india, it wasn't just Sarah Palin he treated like dirt. Buy Actos No Prescription, Although it's not mentioned in the book, I still recall the first time I fully understood what a punk John Kerry was.  It happened during the 2004 campaign, on one of his skiing vacations.  It seems he took a tumble on the slopes and, no sooner did he get up, than he began bawling out a Secret Service agent for having gotten in his way.  I recall thinking that instead of being grateful that these guys were prepared to take a bullet for him, he couldn't resist getting on the case of a man who hadn't really chosen to freeze his ass off on a mountainside.  I suppose if a Secret Service agent had been shot while trying to protect the man who resembles the front end of a horse and who behaves like its back end, 200mg Actos, Kerry would have expected to get a Purple Heart for being in the general vicinity.

Not too surprisingly, the Clintons had similar manners.  Hillary, we're told, 20mg Actos, never once in eight years said "Thank you" to a member of the Secret Service.

Al Gore, 1000mg Actos, while chastising his son over a mediocre report card, indicated the Secret Service agents in the room, and said, "If you don't straighten up, Actos overseas, you won't get into the right schools, and if you don't get into the right schools, Actos us, you could end up like these guys."

Of all the kids who have called the White House home over the past few decades, Chelsea Clinton gets the highest marks, while Amy Carter gets the lowest.  On one occasion, she crushed a package of soda crackers, Actos coupon, dumped them on the floor and told her Secret Service agent to clean them up.  When the agent complained to her father, Jimmy Carter told him to do as he'd been told.  "It's your job."

I don't suppose anyone will be too shocked to learn that Carter was the biggest phony of them all.  For instance, 500mg Actos, he would make a big deal of showing up to work at the Oval Office at 6 a.m., but by 6:30, behind drawn curtains, his reputation properly burnished, 50mg Actos, he would be taking a nap.

Neither Jimmy nor Rosalynn would speak to the agents.  Jimmy wouldn't even say "Hello" or "Good morning."  Because image was everything to Mr. Peanut, if there were photographers around when he was getting on or off an airplane, he would insist on toting his own carry-on bag, but it would be empty!  Sort of reminds me of all those photos of Carter posed holding a hammer at those Habitat for Humanity building sites.  I was always willing to lay odds that the hammer was a prop and had never struck a nail, Buy Actos No Prescription. Actos japan, His son, James Earl "Chip" Carter III, would pick up women at bars in Georgetown by asking them if they wanted to have sex in the White House.  Sounds a lot like Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton, doesn't it, Actos craiglist.

All the Bushes, but especially Barbara and Laura, 10mg Actos, were well-liked by the people whose job was to protect them and their families.

George W. Bush felt so guilty about taking the agents off to Crawford, Texas, 40mg Actos, at Christmas time, he began spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Washington, 250mg Actos, so that the agents could be home to celebrate with their own families.

Ronald Reagan, it seems, not only enjoyed riding horses and shmoozing with the agents, Actos paypal, but he would employ army jets to transport children who needed to travel for kidney transplants.  He was also known to write checks for $3,000 or $4, Actos mexico, 000 to people with hard luck stories.  Unlike liberal politicians, who are only generous with taxpayers' money, he would simply say to those who knew the truth, "Don't tell people.  I've been poor myself."

Perhaps the best thing about the book is that it might make future presidents behave decently to those who are sworn to take a bullet for them, even if they might not in a million years vote for them.  After all, Kessler might write a sequel some day. CRO

copyright 2009 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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