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Buy Hormone Over The Counter, by J. F. Kelly, Hormone coupon, Jr. Hormone japan, | Coronado

The bird, bug and bunny people have gone to great lengths to save many of the least of God's creatures, often at more than minor inconvenience to human beings, Hormone overseas. Examples include such noble creatures as the California Least Tern, Hormone us, Snowy Plover and that all-time favorite, the Fairy Shrimp.

Least Terns like to nest in places such as airport runways, preferably on military reservations, probably because they know the military is required to take vigorous action to protect them, buy Hormone Over The Counter. The Snowy Plover is fond of beach areas, 250mg Hormone, again, Hormone mexico, especially on military reservations where Marines and Seals train but dare not tread on their nests. The Fairy Shrimp is partial to mud puddles, especially on military reservations such as Camp Pendleton where a depression in the ground caused by the tire or track of a military vehicle is often deemed to be a vernal pool by the ever-watchful Green Police, 150mg Hormone. To ordinary folks, Hormone canada, of course, it's a mud puddle, populated by mosquitoes, 40mg Hormone.

The military spends millions of your tax dollars protecting the habitats of these creatures resulting in some serious restrictions on the use of training facilities at Camp Pendleton, Hormone ebay, Miramar Marine Corps Air Base and elsewhere. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, Now comes the Delta Smelt (hypomeseus transpacificus, to be precise), a three-inch fish, of no particular value to humans, found, naturally, only in the California delta area. Because it is endangered, the U.S, 1000mg Hormone. Fish and Wildlife Service decided last December that water reductions must be imposed upon the fertile San Joquin Valley so that the Delta Smelt can have the water it needs to flourish. 200mg Hormone, Accordingly, tens of billions of gallons of California mountain water are being diverted from agricultural use in the valley and channeled out to sea, there to become salt water, 10mg Hormone. This may be a great convenience for the Delta Smelt but it is devastating California's farm industry and the residents of the Central Valley that depend upon agriculture for a living.

The leading industry in California, at least until now, is agriculture and California leads the nation in agriculture production, buy Hormone Over The Counter. 50mg Hormone, Much of that occurs in the huge, 400-mile-long Central Valley. As a result of these draconian water restrictions, Hormone craiglist, hundreds of thousands of fertile acres of farm land are drying up or lying fallow and tens of thousands of people who rely on agriculture for a living are out of work. 100mg Hormone, Unemployment in the area averages 14% and is much higher in many communities.

Farmers in the area expect to lose about $1.5 billion in revenue this first year alone. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, The Fresno Community Food Bank doubled food distributions to hungry families this year. In June, Hormone usa, Gov. 750mg Hormone, Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency for nine Central Valley counties and asked President Barack Obama to declare hard-hit Fresno County a federal disaster area to help finance food shipments to people who actually used to provide food for the nation. Officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) refused, saying state and local entities had adequate resources, Hormone paypal.

Adequate resources?  Are they mad. California is broke, buy Hormone Over The Counter. Hormone india, The diversion of needed water from the state's agricultural heartland comes on top of years of drought and in the middle of a severe recession. This idiotic campaign to save the Delta Smelt is devastating the state's leading industry.

This latest unbelievable episode in the Green campaign against humanity should awaken normal people to the fact that well-intended efforts to save the earth and all its creatures is totally out of control, Hormone uk. Adults need to step in and help these zealots regain perspective. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, Is the Delta Smelt really worth the damage and suffering being inflicted on tens of thousands of people. 20mg Hormone, If so, that has to be explained to the farmers and their families and to other victims of this disaster perpetrated by unelected Washington bureaucrats. I suspect that will be a hard sell, 30mg Hormone.

Millions of species have come and gone on this earth and yet we manage to prosper without the likes of the dinosaurs and the mammoths. Hormone australia, I suspect we'd muddle through somehow without the Delta Smelt. On the other hand, let's see how well we get along without farmers and the California agriculture industry, buy Hormone Over The Counter.

It is good to be green and to love the earth and its precious resources. In doing so, 500mg Hormone, however, it would be well to recall that man, created in the image of God, is first among living things. In our zeal to protect some creatures that most of us will never see and few have heard of, we should resolve first to do no harm to man. Meanwhile, be careful what you step on, swat or spray. The Green Police never rest. CRO

Buy Hormone Over The Counter, copyright 2009 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California.


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