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opinion from the late,

great, golden state...

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by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

I suspect that because Discount Medrol, George Bush and Condoleezza Rice were so respectful of Muslims, constantly telling us that theirs is a religion of peace, some otherwise sensible Americans actually began to believe it.  Now we have a president who not only kowtows to a Saudi prince, but carries on as if Israeli homes are more threatening than Iranian nukes. 40mg Medrol, What is wrong with our leaders?  Are they worried that they won't be invited to those cool Ramadan parties. The Islamics have been actively at war with us for 30 years and generally at war with western civilization for well over a thousand years, 200mg Medrol, Medrol paypal, and still we pay lip service to these people in a way we never did with Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan or the Soviet Union.  Is it because the Muslims commit sadism and murder in the name of religion and not country?  If anything, 20mg Medrol, Medrol ebay, I would think that would make their evil acts all the more contemptible.

Still, 10mg Medrol, Medrol us, I would contend that Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are not as dangerous as America's liberals.  The Islamic terrorists can only kill so many people, 750mg Medrol, Medrol australia, but those on the Left are doing everything in their power to eviscerate America.  Cap and Trade can destroy our industrial might; Obama's trillion dollar stimulus programs combined with his delusional health care plan will not only bankrupt our nation, but lead inevitably to a rate of inflation that will impress even Jimmy Carter; and the budget cuts directed at our military and our missile defense system will make us increasingly vulnerable to our various enemies, 30mg Medrol.

The problem is that liberals are not only nuts, but inconsistent.  They very much want to send our military to Africa to stop the savagery in the Sudan, but didn't want to see it employed against the equally barbaric Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot or Ho Chi Minh.  Funny how you never hear them insist that we have no business in Darfur because Sudan didn't attack us on 9/11 or point out that we have no compelling interest in sub-Sahara Africa.  But that's to be expected when people get their information from Bill Maher and Jon Stewart and their talking points from the likes of Bono and the Dixie Chicks, Discount Medrol. Medrol usa, Clearly, the Left wants America to be a toothless tiger, Medrol overseas, 150mg Medrol, rather like the U.N.  What they fail to grasp is that as America goes, so goes freedom everywhere.  Or perhaps they think the French will do a better job of policing the world.  The French, 250mg Medrol, Medrol india, alas, can't even police Paris, 1000mg Medrol. 50mg Medrol, Speaking of liberals, the irony is that so many of them who never believed God even existed are now convinced that He is alive and well and going out on date nights with Michelle, Medrol craiglist. Medrol uk, Getting back to Muslims, there are people who would insist that we should distinguish between those who cut off the heads of their innocent victims and those who, 100mg Medrol, Medrol canada, rumor has it, just want to live and let live.  Well, 500mg Medrol, Medrol mexico, I keep trying, heaven knows, Medrol japan, Medrol coupon, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

For instance, recently I read about a stomach-turning incident that took place in Phoenix, Arizona.  It seems that four boys between the ages of nine and 14 lured an eight-year-old girl into a shed and took turns raping her.  While that was pretty damn loathsome, what was even more disgusting is what took place afterward.  In the little girl's presence, her father, a Muslim refugee from Liberia, told the police, "Take her.  I don't want her."

It seems that in what passes for their culture, the child had brought shame on the family.

Now I understand that any country that keeps electing people like Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer and Barack Obama, the killer B's as it were, doesn't have terribly high standards, but assuming we have any at all, will someone please explain why we're allowing these degenerates into the country? CRO

copyright 2009 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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