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Buy Elavil Over The Counter

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

by Jon Coupal | Sacramento

Buy Elavil Over The Counter, For those who work in the private sector, the dream of enjoying a  comfortable retirement has become just that -- a dream.

The impact of the recession continues to be brutal, Elavil mexico, Elavil coupon, especially on older  workers.

“More than seven-in-ten (72 percent) workers over the age of 60 who said  they are putting off their retirement are doing so because they can’t  afford to retire, Elavil us, Elavil canada, ” according to a recent survey by CareerBuilder.  In  California, Elavil paypal, 100mg Elavil, with unemployment and under employment totaling over 21  percent – only Michigan with its decaying auto industry is worse off –  older people being forced to work longer may regard themselves as lucky  just to have a job.

This is not a concern for those who enjoy the job security of working  for California government, Elavil japan.  The highest paid public workers in all 50  states -- some of whom are able to retire as many 15 years earlier than  the private sector average with pensions nearing full time-pay --  continue to be shielded from the impact of our dismal economy by their  sponsors in the state Legislature, buy Elavil Over The Counter. 250mg Elavil, Even though the cost to taxpayers for public employee retirement  benefits has increased by 2000 percent from $150 million per year to  over $3 billion over the last ten years, most in Sacramento remain with  their heads firmly planted in the sand, Elavil overseas. 10mg Elavil,  And if a $3 billion dollar  shortfall does not seem like so much today, the future is revealed by a  report released by Stanford University that shows California’s public  retirement plans are underfunded by $535 billion, Elavil craiglist. 500mg Elavil,  That is an estimated  liability of about $36,000 per household, Elavil ebay. 1000mg Elavil, Enter State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth with a modest legislative  proposal designed to help protect taxpayers while continuing to assure  the retirement security of government workers. Buy Elavil Over The Counter,   Hollingsworth’s  solution is to put the retirement system on a more actuarially sound  basis, with changes to the benefits for newly hired workers.

For new hires, Elavil india, Elavil australia, and new hires only, his bill, 40mg Elavil, 200mg Elavil, SB 919, would require  non-public safety public employees, Elavil uk, 150mg Elavil, who can currently retire at age 55  with full benefits, to work until age 65, Elavil usa. 50mg Elavil,  It would extend the age for  full retirement for public safety workers from 50 to 57, while removing  milk inspectors and billboard inspectors from the public safety worker  classification, 750mg Elavil. 30mg Elavil,  And it would base retirement benefits on the average of  the three highest years of pay, instead and the single highest year, 20mg Elavil.

Although Hollingsworth does nothing to interfere with the lavish  guaranteed pensions for current government workers, expect the public  employee unions to go “postal” and to lean heavily on client lawmakers  who they helped elect, to kill any and all pension reform legislation.   However, the union bosses would be wise to take this deal.  They should  beware the growing anger of those in the private sector forced to work  harder and longer so that public employees can fully retire in comfort  while still young enough to start a second career.

The backlash is building and the result could be a much more draconian  reform that would make the Hollingsworth plan look like a gift.  After  all, taxpayers are content to see government workers ride off into the  sunset to a secure retirement, they just don't want to look up and find  themselves carrying them there on their backs. CRO

copyright 2010 Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Jon Coupal is an attorney and president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -- California's largest taxpayer organization with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento.


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Buy Temovate Over The Counter

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

Buy Temovate Over The Counter, For some time now, people have been forwarding me an email that lists the ten most poverty-stricken cities in America.  By this time, I imagine you've all committed the names to memory, along with the fact that these cities have been electing one Democratic mayor after another for at least the past quarter century.  In one case -- Miami, I believe -- they've never elected anything else.  The civic blights, in alphabetical order, are Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, El Paso, Miami, Milwaukee, Newark, Philadelphia and St. 30mg Temovate, Louis.

But, Temovate australia, Temovate craiglist, unlike those people who keep forwarding this message around, I don't blame all those rotten, Temovate paypal, 20mg Temovate, corrupt mayors, I blame the lazy louts who keep electing them, 250mg Temovate. Temovate coupon, In this country, after all, Temovate ebay, 200mg Temovate, the only people who keep living generation after generation below the poverty line are the indolent and the ignorant.  These are the folks who persist in relying on welfare and feeding on a diet of bitterness and entitlement.  As for those who insist that nobody chooses to be ill-educated and unskilled, and that if only more money were spent on schools, Temovate mexico, 10mg Temovate, we'd be churning out an endless supply of young Einsteins, Hawkings and Jeffersons, 150mg Temovate, Temovate india, I say, phooey, Temovate overseas. 750mg Temovate, During the 1980s, more money was shoveled into the St, 40mg Temovate. Louis school system than any other system in America, more than any other system in history.  At the end of the decade, standardized school test scores had gone down.  But that carries no weight with those liberals who believe the solution to every problem is to throw money, other people's money, at it.  They actually regard it as a good thing that America's students, who inevitably score the lowest among kids in the industrialized nations when it comes to math, science and language skills, score highest when it comes to self-esteem.  "Maybe we're as dumb as a box of doorknobs," they seem to be saying, "but we sure are cool.  Just listen to our cool music and look at our cool tattoos."

Those who shower the most praise on our public education system are those least likely to ever expose their own kids to it.  I refer to the pinheads who hold public office.  In fact, the only time a president or first lady ever wanders into a public school in Washington, D.C., is for an election year photo op, after having made certain that their Secret Service detail is operating at full strength that day.  It's not a school system, it's a penal colony with report cards, buy Temovate Over The Counter. 50mg Temovate, Whenever I come across a statistic that suggests it costs about $11,000 to keep a child in school for a year, Temovate usa, Temovate us, I find myself thinking that, aside from the 535 members of the House and Senate, Temovate japan, Temovate uk, the biggest thieves in America are all members of the education swindle -- school teachers, administrators and union officials.  They should all be kept after school and made to write on the blackboard a thousand times:  I will never again say it's all for the kids, 500mg Temovate. 100mg Temovate, Believe me, I'm not bragging when I say I could teach the young sprouts geography, 1000mg Temovate, Temovate canada, math and English, just as badly as the professionals do it, and I could do it for a lot less than $11,000-a-head.

What's more, this problem could have very dire consequences.  As absurd as it sounds, if we don't improve our education system, I can foresee some time in the future when we could wind up with members of Congress who confuse the Declaration of Independence with the U.S. Constitution and who actually believe that if you put 8,000 Marines and their families on Guam, you'd run the risk of capsizing the island.


copyright 2010 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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