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Buy Vpxl Over The Counter

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Buy Vpxl Over The Counter, by J. F. Kelly, Vpxl paypal, Jr. Vpxl india, | Coronado

President Barack Obama, who won the presidency on a promise of change, has an ambitious domestic agenda, Vpxl craiglist. Trouble is, Vpxl mexico, we can't afford it. We are already living on credit, relying on foreign nations like China to finance the steadily increasing costs of running our rapidly expanding government, buy Vpxl Over The Counter.

Mr. Obama added significantly to the national debt he inherited with bailouts of the financial and automotive industries and by a stimulus package which has been of limited value in stimulating a recovery from the recession which he also had the bad luck to inherit, Vpxl overseas.

Now comes the revelation from both the White House Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office that the huge projected federal deficit during the coming decade will be about $2 trillion higher than estimated. 20mg Vpxl, Over the ten years it will add about $9 trillion to the national debt. Buy Vpxl Over The Counter, Decreased tax revenues attributable to the prolonged business slump and persistent high unemployment could add even more to these deficits.

Understand that we are talking only about yearly deficits, not the total national debt itself, Vpxl japan. That is projected to amount to over $20 trillion by the end of the coming decade if these estimates hold up and if tax revenues don't increase substantially. Vpxl ebay, Writing or saying "$20 trillion" comes too easy. To try to get a handle on the magnitude of that sum, we should be required to write it out with all the zeroes, Vpxl australia. That would be $20,000,000,000,000, buy Vpxl Over The Counter. It's a sum that defies human comprehension and much of it will be owed to foreign nations who may not always have our best interests at heart. 30mg Vpxl, It is unlikely that all of this debt will ever actually be repaid but that is beside the point. The interest on it must be paid. That interest currently consumes about one-eighth of our annual spending, 50mg Vpxl. Buy Vpxl Over The Counter, If these projections hold up, it will soon grow to 25%. One out of every four dollars of federal spending will then go to pay interest on the federal debt. Vpxl us, Entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will consume much of the rest, leaving less and less for infrastructure, 10mg Vpxl, defense and social programs such as those in Mr. Vpxl coupon, Obama's expansive and expensive domestic agenda.

This will likely result in still more borrowing, just to stay afloat, 250mg Vpxl. Tax increases will be inevitable and if the government chooses to monetize the debt away by printing more money, rampant inflation will soon decimate savings and devastate those on fixed incomes, buy Vpxl Over The Counter. The United States, Vpxl uk, already a debtor nation, will lose ground rapidly in the competitive global economy to those nations like China who are able to save, invest and control the size and expense of their governments, 150mg Vpxl. Our status as a superpower will almost inevitably decline since no country can live beyond its means indefinitely and prosper. Vpxl canada, That our politicians are letting this happen is disgraceful. It is their spending that is digging this hole for our children and grandchildren. Buy Vpxl Over The Counter, But politicians today seem motivated mainly by a desire to cling to office and the sense of power that control over others' money brings. We the voters are not blameless for letting them get away with it, 1000mg Vpxl, knowing that it is future generations who will pay the price for our extravagance. 750mg Vpxl, What to do. We must somehow make it clear to our representatives that the size of the current deficit ($1.58 trillion), the projected $9 trillion in additional deficits and the growing total national debt is of urgent concern to us, 200mg Vpxl. While specific reforms to health care insurance coverage are desirable, 40mg Vpxl, primarily focused on helping citizens who, through no fault of their own, are losing or cannot obtain health insurance, 100mg Vpxl, we simply cannot afford a costly major overhaul. Nor can we afford expensive alternative energy programs requiring government subsidies or cap and trade carbon emission control programs that impose additional burdens on a still-struggling industrial sector, buy Vpxl Over The Counter. 500mg Vpxl, It is Mr. Obama's misfortune that he inherited a fragile economy. He made many campaign promises that helped get him elected and that he understandably wants to keep, Vpxl usa. Unfortunately for him, we cannot afford them and arguments that we can pay for them by just eliminating waste and inefficiency and taxing the rich are transparently false. Buy Vpxl Over The Counter, They will inevitably require tax increases for the middle class and businesses which will be an enormous additional burden on a recovering economy, increased foreign borrowing and in the case of a major healthcare overhaul, rationing of services and severe reductions in Medicare funding. CRO

copyright 2009 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California.


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Buy Indometacin Over The Counter

Friday, September 11th, 2009

by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

There are certain dates Buy Indometacin Over The Counter, that are indelibly etched in our minds because they were drummed into us in school, such as the 1066 Battle of Hastings; some because they commemorate joyous events such as July 4th, December 25th or the births of our children; and some because they remind us to never forget how quickly everyday life can be turned into something horrific.

The first of three such dates for Americans is 12/7/41.  That was, 500mg Indometacin, Indometacin us, as FDR put it, a day of infamy.  It was a Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas when, Indometacin craiglist, Indometacin mexico, without warning, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Indometacin india, Indometacin ebay, killing 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians, Indometacin coupon. 30mg Indometacin, The second of the nightmarish dates was 9/11/01 when 19 Islamics hijacked four airliners and murdered 2,998 human beings, 10mg Indometacin, 250mg Indometacin, most of whom were Americans.

The third such date was 11/4/08, Indometacin uk, Indometacin usa, when 64,385, Indometacin australia, 200mg Indometacin, 746 American voters decided it would be a fine idea to vote for a man with an Islamic name, an Islamic upbringing, 1000mg Indometacin, 20mg Indometacin, a man who said that if push came to shove, he would side with Islamics, Indometacin canada. 40mg Indometacin, If you lost loved ones in Hawaii 68 years ago or in Manhattan 8 years ago, I can fully understand why you would disagree with me when I insist that the third of those dates is the most tragic.  The reason I voice that opinion is because, 750mg Indometacin, Indometacin japan, aside from the 5,401 innocent lives lost, 50mg Indometacin, 100mg Indometacin, ships, planes and skyscrapers can always be re-built.  But once lost, Indometacin overseas, 150mg Indometacin, freedom and liberty can not always be regained. CRO

copyright 2009 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A, Indometacin paypal. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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Where Can I Buy Stromectol

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Where Can I Buy Stromectol, by J. F. Kelly, 100mg Stromectol, Jr. 20mg Stromectol, | Coronado

The much-maligned Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is not among America's most cherished institutions. Few mothers encourage their children to grow up to be CIA agents. Americans have been conditioned by a liberal media to expect the worst of the CIA and, to be sure, the CIA sometimes obliges with clumsy operations and flawed intelligence estimates, Where Can I Buy Stromectol. No institution is perfect, Stromectol india, least of all spy agencies. 50mg Stromectol, It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.

A Rasmussen poll in 2007 revealed that 29% of all voters actually believed that the CIA knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance. Among Democrats, 200mg Stromectol, young people and minorities, 150mg Stromectol, the percentage was even higher. Where Can I Buy Stromectol, Oh, well-the agency can take comfort in the fact that at least it has a higher public approval rating than Congress but that's not saying much.

The CIA has long been a target of liberals and liberal organizations like the ACLU. Nevertheless, Stromectol japan, recall that liberals flocked to the aid of "outed" CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson not long ago. 30mg Stromectol, Ah, but times were different. A Republican Administration was in power and here was a chance to embarrass it and its vice-president, Stromectol uk, the hated Dick Cheney.

There's little evidence of any concern for the identities or reputations of CIA personnel these days as Attorney General Eric Holder appointed a federal prosecutor, John Durham, to investigate a dozen or so previously closed cases involving alleged detainee abuse by CIA agents or its contractors, Where Can I Buy Stromectol. 750mg Stromectol, The occasion for this action was the release of findings compiled by the CIA's own inspector general in 2004 on the agency's detention and interrogation of terrorists.

The ACLU obtained a court order for release of the findings. The CIA reportedly had sent an unredacted copy of the findings to both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees in 2004 and to the Department of Justice, 40mg Stromectol. According to current CIA Director Leon Panetta, Stromectol mexico, career prosecutors, not Bush appointees, already had carefully and thoroughly evaluated these claims of abuse, Stromectol canada. Where Can I Buy Stromectol, Only one case was brought by the Justice Department. No other cases were deemed to warrant prosecution. 250mg Stromectol, There is little new in these findings, some of which, have already been leaked to the press, Stromectol us. Cigar smoke was blown in the faces of detainees. Stromectol overseas, Horrors. Detainees were threatened with actions against family members, Where Can I Buy Stromectol. Shots were fired in adjacent rooms. A step beyond what may have gone on in some police interrogations or the treatment of prisoners by fellow inmates at some of our more notorious prisons, Stromectol paypal, perhaps. Stromectol ebay, But this was, after all, the aftermath of 9/11 and the nation actually believed that we were at war and that other terrorist attacks were to be expected, 500mg Stromectol. And most of the techniques had been sanctioned by superiors and declared to be legal. Where Can I Buy Stromectol, But this is 2009, the liberals are in power and apparently it's payback time or, to put it more delicately, elections have consequences-- especially for the losers. Stromectol usa, President Barack Obama had said he wished to put all this sort of thing behind us and move on. Perhaps Mr. Holder wasn't listening, Stromectol coupon.

There is good reason for not proceeding down this road. No administration is free from mistakes, least of all these last three, Where Can I Buy Stromectol. Stromectol australia, If we dig back through enough garbage at the urging of groups driven by hatred of past administrations, we will open many Pandora's boxes and it won't stop with this administration. If the actions outlined in these findings are determined in retrospect to be illegal and individuals must be prosecuted, Stromectol craiglist, where will it end. 10mg Stromectol, How about the members of Congress who had access to the findings.

Then there is the identity of the CIA operatives that liberals so recently in the Valerie Plame case were passionate about protecting. Where Can I Buy Stromectol, "There is nothing more important than protecting the identity of CIA officers," said Mr. Obama in April at CIA headquarters, 1000mg Stromectol. "So I want everybody to be clear. We will protect your identity as you vigorously pursue your mission."  Vigorously was the president's word. Were you listening, Mr. Holder, and will Special Counsel John Durham be attentive to the president's promise, Where Can I Buy Stromectol.

This latest kick in the stomach to the CIA comes even as Mr. Obama is trying to step up the war in Afghanistan while the situation there is rapidly deteriorating. Who do you suppose is heavily involved in that war. Why, the CIA, of course, and legions of contractors, who now actually outnumber the military there. Where Can I Buy Stromectol, That's because our overextended military isn't big enough anymore to go it alone or provide all of their required logistical support.

If this is the way our commander-in-chief plans to prosecute the war on terrorism, I fear for the outcome. CRO

copyright 2009 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Buy Celexa Over The Counter

Monday, September 7th, 2009

by Burt Prelutsky | Los Angeles

Buy Celexa Over The Counter, Sometimes, I must confess, I find myself feeling like one of those cursed individuals like Job and Sisyphus.  In my case, the curse takes the form of trying to be rational in a mad world.  My particular albatross is trying to make sense of the liberal mind.  No sooner do I try to delve into it than I pop out on the other side.  It's as shallow as a midget's footbath.

For instance, Celexa australia, I understand why liberals opposed invading Iraq.  It was because George W. Bush instigated it.  They voiced no objections when Bill Clinton took us into Somalia and Kosovo, and now that Obama has expanded the war in Afghanistan, Celexa ebay, you don't hear them whining that it's a quagmire, 10mg Celexa, that the Afghanis had nothing to do with 9/11 or demanding that Obama spell out his exit strategy and specify the date of withdrawal.  But, given all that, I would have thought that at least the tree-huggers would have campaigned for regime change in Iraq, 30mg Celexa, based not on Saddam Hussein's gassing of the Kurds and his history of torture and rape, 750mg Celexa, God forbid, but for having set fire to the oil fields of Kuwait in 1991, probably the worst man-made ecological disaster in history, 500mg Celexa.

It is beginning to look as if the various fascists, Celexa coupon, racists and astroturfers who have been showing up at town halls may have stopped Obama from taking his next step in  destroying America.  But Obama and his cronies are like those creatures in scary movies; just when you think they're dead and buried, they reach a hand up from the grave and grab someone's ankle.

Somebody summed up Obamacare very neatly.  In an e-mail that was forwarded to me, Celexa usa, it said: "Let me get this straight.  We're going to pass a health care plan written by a committee whose head said he doesn't understand it, Celexa canada, passed by a Congress that didn't read it but exempts them from abiding by it, signed by a President who smokes and is also exempted, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, Celexa mexico, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese and financed by a country that's nearly broke.  What could possibly go wrong?"

Of course we keep hearing the left-wing lunkheads tell us how glorious single payer health care is, 100mg Celexa, pointing to Canada and England as sterling examples of medical Nirvana.  Yet the BBC reported that there is a five month wait to have surgery for a slipped disc or to have a hernia repaired, eight months for cataract surgery, 11 months for a hip replacement and an entire year if you need to have your knee worked on.  So I guess the best thing an Englishman can do is claim he needs to have surgery for a hernia and when, Celexa us, after five months, 50mg Celexa, they wheel him into the operating room, break the news that it's really his damn knee that's been acting up.

One thing that's been made clear is that whether it's last year's amnesty bill or this Frankensteinian health care monstrosity, the people still retain some clout when they stand up and start acting like Americans and not like a herd of sheep waiting to be shorn by the likes of Henry Waxman, Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi.  As someone once observed, in order to make politicians see the light, they first need to feel the heat.  Or as Ronald Reagan put it so eloquently:  "Government isn't the solution.  Government is the problem."

If there's one thing you have to say about liberal politicians, it's that they regard consistency pretty much the way they regard their constituents; namely with arrogant contempt.  It's liberals, after all, who are constantly telling us that women have absolute autonomy over their own bodies, so long as the topic under discussion happens to be abortions.  But when it comes to everything else, they are quite content to leave all medical decisions in the hands of the federal government, up to and including the rationing of health care to babies and the elderly.  Gee, and we all thought the Nazis were bad, buy Celexa Over The Counter.

Because I live in California, 250mg Celexa, I occasionally am lucky enough to receive an e-mail from Barbara Boxer.  The other day, 1000mg Celexa, she let me know that she's hard at work on a Bill of Rights for Passengers.  The rest of us are concerned about Iran and North Korea building a nuclear bomb and about Obama sovietizing the United States, but Boxer is worried about disgruntled airline passengers.

I sent her ladyship the following message:  "President Obama is trying to morph America into a socialist tyranny, Celexa paypal, complete with commissars and armed thugs, 150mg Celexa, and you're worrying about airliners sitting on the tarmac?  Most Americans do not support the pork-stuffed stimulus bill, cap & trade, the pandering to the UAW and the CEIU, Celexa uk, the financing of ACORN or the abomination known as Obamacare, Celexa overseas, and you're busy pushing legislation so that airline passengers won't occasionally suffer some minor discomfort?  Just for the record, we'd all gladly just settle for a little more legroom.  Are you trying to give new meaning to "inconsequential," ma'am?"

Finally, Celexa craiglist, lest someone gets the idea that I only pick on liberals, Celexa india, I have a bone to pick with Sean Hannity.  I recently heard him give absolution to Michael Vick.  He was ready to forgive Vick his trespasses because, after all, Vick had served 18 months in jail and he had apologized.  The problem is, 200mg Celexa, one, 40mg Celexa, Vick should have been sentenced to at least 10 years; two, inasmuch as Hannity wasn't one of Vick's victims, he's not entitled to accept his apology; and, 20mg Celexa, three, Celexa japan, the time for remorse and possibly redemption, it seems to me, is before you're arrested.  After that, it's only defense strategy -- whether what's at stake is a more severe sentence or trying to salvage a multi-million dollar NFL career.

This is a guy, after all, who beat, drowned, hanged and electrocuted dogs for no other reason than that they lost fights to other dogs, and because, sadist that he is, he could.  Imagine if quarterbacks who lost games were treated like that.

All I can say is, defensive linemen of the NFL -- have at him! CRO

copyright 2009 Burt Prelutsky

Television scriptwriter, former humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine..

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Toradol For Sale

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

by Jon Coupal | Sacramento

The rapidly approaching Toradol For Sale, impact that state and local debt will have on government services and taxpayers is likely to be as subtle as a suicide bomber's belt of C-4 explosive. 150mg Toradol, Highly regarded political pundit Dan Walters has compared our state's debt situation to both Enron, "which cooked its books to fool investors and lenders, Toradol paypal, 200mg Toradol, " and a "Third World country whose rulers run up a mountain of debt while squandering revenues."

The Legislature's budget analyst, Mac Taylor, 1000mg Toradol, 500mg Toradol, estimates that California has more than $200 billion in liabilities that will affect the state's financial health. And this doesn't even include the local debt of cities, 40mg Toradol, Toradol overseas, counties, special districts and redevelopment agencies, Toradol coupon. Toradol usa, The $200 billion in state debt includes about $35 billion in budget related liabilities -- read this as budget tricks used to paper over the deficit; about $69 billion in bond debt that must be repaid from the general fund; and more than $100 billion in unfunded liabilities for government employee pensions and health care.

While the unfunded liabilities are likely to become our most pressing problem, Toradol us, 100mg Toradol, right now state services are being cut to meet the obligations voters created when they passed tens of billions of dollars in bonds in the last decade. Payments must be made to bond holders before one penny is spent on education, transportation, corrections or any other service that Californians deem important, Toradol For Sale.

Many cities and counties are equally vulnerable, 20mg Toradol. 10mg Toradol, At the local level, bonds are repaid exclusively by property owners, Toradol craiglist. 50mg Toradol, Voter approval of bonds places a lien, usually for 30 years, Toradol uk, Toradol australia, against property to guarantee repayment. Don't pay your property tax and you can lose your home in a process that can take as long as five years, Toradol ebay. Toradol For Sale, Fail to pay the accompanying bond obligation and your home can be seized within a year. 30mg Toradol, News from the Los Angeles school district, which in the last eleven years has pushed through five bond measures totaling $20 billion, Toradol mexico, 750mg Toradol, provides a cautionary tale for all voters considering a local bond measure.

The LAUSD has just announced that due to the recent decline in the value of property that serves as collateral for the district's bonds, 250mg Toradol, Toradol india, taxes to cover bond payments will have to be increased. The current rate is $123 dollars per $100, Toradol japan, Toradol canada, 000 in assessed evaluation. The schools superintendent estimates this will go to $205. For a median valued home within the district, the additional cost will be about $275 on top of the nearly $400 they are already paying, Toradol For Sale.

Taxpayers' complaints are falling on deaf ears at the LAUSD headquarters. The district is shielding itself behind the "Contract Clause" of the United State Constitution. While not all contracts between private parties are constitutionally protected, those for public pensions and other forms of public debt are.

The lesson here is that all bonds should be regarded by voters with suspicion. Toradol For Sale, It is important to keep in mind that those who promote bond passage are not looking after those of us who will have to pay the bill, usually double the face value of the bonds once interest is calculated. Local officials are required to make no more than an estimate as to how much a bond measure will cost property owners. If they are mistaken, or are disingenuous in their estimates, the penalty will not be borne by those officials, but by property owners who are compelled to pay off the bonds.

Some bonds may be justified in situations where the cost of a bridge, a fire station, a school or other major bricks and mortar project is much greater than could be funded directly from general fund revenues without making significant reductions in service. However, when a public entity comes back repeatedly, in a few short years, for more bond money, that should be a major clue that already approved bond funds are being mismanaged.

There is an old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you, Toradol For Sale. Fool me twice shame on me." Sadly, in the case of the LAUSD, it looks like the voters were fooled numerous times. Now we know. Let's not be fooled again.


copyright 2009 Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Jon Coupal is an attorney and president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -- California's largest taxpayer organization with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento..

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