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Plavix For Sale

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Plavix For Sale, by J. F. Kelly, 750mg Plavix, Jr. Plavix uk, | Coronado

America is the land of freedom and justice for all as we have learned through faithful recitations of the pledge of allegiance. These freedoms were earned and defended by the blood and sacrifices of patriots and we hold them sacred. But the wise men who assembled that hot summer in Philadelphia two and a quarter centuries ago knew that there were limits on those freedoms as there must be in every complex, ordered society, Plavix For Sale.

The constitution that emerged was an elegant document, Plavix japan, brilliant in its simplicity and yet intentionally vague in some respects, 150mg Plavix, leaving parts open to interpretation. The drafters knew that times and circumstances would change and that the country would change to deal with them. The future need for amendments was foreseen and the procedure for accomplishing them was established, Plavix india. Slavery became recognized for the evil that it was. Plavix For Sale, Women attained equal suffrage. Plavix mexico, The right of free speech and the right to bear arms were codified. In all, the Constitution was amended 27 times as society and its values changed with the times, 50mg Plavix. We even repealed an amendment (XVIII) with another (XXI), 30mg Plavix, ending prohibition.

We have learned to accept reasonable limits on our freedoms. The right to free speech does not presume the right to incite riots or panic, Plavix For Sale. The right to bear arms does not include the right to flaunt reasonable restrictions on their use, Plavix usa. Freedom and liberty for all does not mean that those who break our laws cannot be incarcerated. 20mg Plavix, Neither should those who plot and inflict terror on us be permitted to use our freedoms in plotting to destroy us.

The world is much different today than it was when our constitution was drafted or, for that matter, Plavix canada, since most of the amendments were ratified. Plavix For Sale, The United States is very different also from the young, sparsely settled country it was at that time. 10mg Plavix, We have become a magnet for much of the earth's downtrodden but our ability to accommodate them is no longer limitless. Our freedoms, sadly, Plavix paypal, are now being abused to the detriment of our society and economic wellbeing in ways that our founders and early leaders could not have imagined. 100mg Plavix, Nearly a century and a half have passed since the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment which reads, in part, that all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside, Plavix coupon. The timing of this amendment with respect to the Civil War, Plavix us, Section 2 of the amendment which pertains to the apportionment of representatives and the fact that the preceding amendment (XIII) abolished slavery, makes it rather obvious that the intent was to grant full citizenship and representation to slaves and their American- born children.

The drafters of the Fourteenth Amendment could hardly have imagined that their amendment would become the basis for awarding citizenship to babies born to foreign citizens, whose allegiance was to a country other than the United States, who happened to be in this country at the time of delivery, Plavix For Sale. If the mother is in this country illegally, 500mg Plavix, in violation of our laws, Plavix craiglist, and if the father is not a U.S. citizen, why should that child be considered a citizen, Plavix ebay. No other country, Plavix overseas, to my knowledge, has an entitlement so bizarre that it encourages people to violate our laws.

Those who defend what they call birthright citizenship argue that a child should not be punished or denied a right because of the transgressions of a parent, Plavix australia. Plavix For Sale, But the infant has no say in this matter. The mother makes the decision on its behalf. 250mg Plavix, And why should foreign citizenship be considered a punishment anyway.

We now learn that eight and one-third percent of all babies born in the United States are born to mothers who are here illegally. That's 1 in 12 births, 200mg Plavix, the vast majority of which are born to Mexican citizens who are here illegally in violation of our laws. The practice now seems to be catching on in other countries where tour guides reportedly offer to make arrangement for pregnant women to have their babies here, Plavix For Sale. 1000mg Plavix, Clearly, this can't go on forever. It is the unintended consequence of an amendment ratified for another purpose in 1868 when illegal immigration across the border with Mexico was not even remotely an issue, 40mg Plavix.

The Fourteenth Amendment needs to be amended to end this anchor baby epidemic which is a flagrant abuse of our freedoms. It cheapens the value of the citizenship that legal immigrants work hard to achieve. Plavix For Sale, Tell your representatives in Congress that you want it changed.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Buy Xopenex Over The Counter

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Buy Xopenex Over The Counter, by J. F. Kelly, 10mg Xopenex, Jr. 500mg Xopenex, | Coronado

Federal District Court Judge Vaughn Walker, in ruling that California's Proposition 8 violates equal protection provisions of the U.S. Constitution, 750mg Xopenex, wrote that "Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay man and lesbians for denial of a marriage license." The opinion advances the argument that marriage is a right that should not be denied to anyone on the basis of sexual orientation.

Proposition 8, however, does not deny the right of gays and lesbians to marry, buy Xopenex Over The Counter. Xopenex ebay, Rather, it affirms the centuries-old definition of marriage as a social and legal institution under which a man and a woman establish their decision to live as man and wife. The California Supreme Court upheld the right of Californians to reaffirm the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, 20mg Xopenex. So gays and lesbians are not being deprived of the right to marry by Proposition 8, Xopenex coupon, so long as the marriage is between a man and a woman, whatever their sexual orientation.

The issue, Xopenex uk, then, 150mg Xopenex, is the definition of marriage. Buy Xopenex Over The Counter, It has always referred to a union between a man and a woman. Why should we care. Because marriage and the family is the basic social institution in any civilized society, Xopenex mexico. Moreover, Xopenex india, it is a religious event of deep significance for all traditional religions. It is only in recent years as permissiveness and promiscuity have spread throughout the Western world, creating an anything-goes, 40mg Xopenex, do-whatever-feels-good atmosphere, 250mg Xopenex, where any form of sexual behavior must not only be tolerated but be accorded respectability, that same-sex marriage was even talked about in polite society.

Equal rights for gays have been incorporated into the law of the land for some time now and acceptance of homosexual relationships has followed, buy Xopenex Over The Counter. But gays and lesbians want more than just acceptance, Xopenex paypal. They want society to elevate their lifestyle to the same degree of wholesomeness and respectability as the heterosexual or straight lifestyle. 1000mg Xopenex, A few but significant barriers remain. One is the armed forces which cling, albeit tenuously, 50mg Xopenex, to the "don't ask-don't tell" policy. Buy Xopenex Over The Counter, Striking down this policy and permitting homosexuals to serve openly in the armed forces is their number one objective. 100mg Xopenex, Achieving this goal will permit them to say that the federal government now considers homosexual behavior as normal as heterosexual behavior. The second barrier to full acceptance is the definition of marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. But this barrier will not easily be overcome because a majority of people in most regions deeply believe in that definition for moral, Xopenex australia, religious and cultural reasons. Xopenex us, If the definition of marriage is expanded to include unions other than between a man and a woman, where might it end. Why not allow marriages between consenting first cousins or siblings, buy Xopenex Over The Counter. Why not multiple spouses or marriages between adults and children as permitted in some cultures, Xopenex canada.

Opponents of same sex marriage are being demonized as bigots and there are those who, Xopenex overseas, in fact, are bigots. But bigotry is not the issue here, Xopenex usa, Judge Walker's opinion notwithstanding. Xopenex japan, Neither are equal rights a valid issue. Buy Xopenex Over The Counter, There is no economic or legal advantage that same-sex marriage would provide that cannot also be provided by properly crafted civil union agreements, properly enforced by the state.

Since the California Supreme Court upheld the right of Californians to reaffirm the traditional definition of marriage as in Proposition 8, it is the height of arrogance for an obscure, 200mg Xopenex, unelected judge to defy the public will and overturn that right. 30mg Xopenex, Moreover, his opinion was insulting and demeaning, citing, Xopenex craiglist, as he did, "evidence" of bigotry and prejudice where none existed. Examples include "findings" such as "moral and religious views form the only basis for a belief that same sex couples are different from opposite sex couples." Really. Obvious physical differences come quickly to mind.

Judge Walker is quick to dismiss those religious and moral views as if they were totally insignificant superstitions, buy Xopenex Over The Counter. But they are the views of most traditional religions and they are deeply held by the followers of these religions. They cannot be dismissed as bigotry.

Such examples of judicial and federal overreach validate the growing belief on the part of many that judges and federal elected and appointed officials couldn't care less what a majority of the people think and wish. They know what's best for the people and they view their role as imposing their enlightened social views on the ignorant masses knowing that eventually, little by little, the public will get used to them and come to accept them. Buy Xopenex Over The Counter, It is this sort of overreach that is alienating the people from their government and fostering a resurgence of states' rights movements.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Buy Flexeril Over The Counter

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Buy Flexeril Over The Counter, by J. F. Kelly, Flexeril canada, Jr. 30mg Flexeril, | Coronado

In spite of repeated sanctions and warnings, all lame and ineffective, Iran continues its inexorable drive to acquire a nuclear arsenal, Flexeril usa. President Barack Obama, Flexeril overseas, his predecessor and other western leaders have stated repeatedly that this is not acceptable. Their concerns are even echoed, if somewhat muted, by some Arab leaders in the region who understand that a nuclear-armed Iran, led by the certifiably crazy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, would further destabilize the Middle East and set off an arms race, buy Flexeril Over The Counter.

Yet, in spite of worldwide condemnation and perhaps even encouraged by it, Flexeril australia, Iran's ruling theocracy will soon achieve its cherished goal of becoming a nuclear power. 20mg Flexeril, They will then be in a position to carry out their stated intention of destroying the Jewish State and its inhabitants. Does anyone doubt that the volatile, unpredictable and hate-filed Ahmadinejad is capable of acting on this threat, Flexeril uk, even at the risk of incurring a nuclear response which they probably believe they could absorb. Flexeril coupon, Even if doubt exists, is it a risk that we can afford to take. Buy Flexeril Over The Counter, And how do you suppose the Obama administration would respond to such an attack on Israel. Would a government which has dithered so long in dealing with the Iranian threat be resolute enough to act resolutely then, 250mg Flexeril. Or would we dither further, Flexeril us, resorting to damage control and still further attempts to negotiate and compromise?  Would this administration have the courage to use nuclear weapons if necessary even to defend America from attack, let alone its allies?  Many Americans no longer believe in the credibility of this administration. Why, Flexeril craiglist, then, 10mg Flexeril, should our enemies.

Wars have been started in the past because of doubts regarding our resolve. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor partly because many of their leaders believed that America was a paper tiger, buy Flexeril Over The Counter. North Korea, 500mg Flexeril, backed by its Soviet and Chinese sponsors, 40mg Flexeril, invaded South Korea believing that President Harry Truman, who was busily dismantling the Army and Navy at the time, had no stomach for another expeditionary war so soon after the "war to end all wars." It took President Dwight Eisenhower's credibility and the belief on the part of the Communists that he would actually authorize nuclear weapons, 150mg Flexeril, if necessary, Flexeril ebay, to finally end the war.

Ahmadinejad clearly regards the United States as a paper tiger whose warnings can be dismissed with impunity. He quite likely believes that we would not use nuclear weapons at all except perhaps to defend our own soil, Flexeril india. He knows that the acquisition of nukes by Iran is a game changer. Buy Flexeril Over The Counter, He knows further that his own reputation for volatility and irrational behavior actually makes his own threats credible and that he can use them to blackmail America and his own neighbors. 200mg Flexeril, And still the Obama Administration continues to dither, taking baby steps to ramp up economic sanctions that have done little more than inconvenience Iranian citizens and raise the price of gasoline. The administration rationalizes its restraint, Flexeril paypal, pointing out that dissatisfaction with the regime within Iran is growing. 750mg Flexeril, We should not delude ourselves. We will all grow old waiting for another revolution in Iran.

It's too late now to say that time is running out, buy Flexeril Over The Counter. Time has already run out, 1000mg Flexeril. The window for Israeli military action to take out the well-dispersed and hardened nuclear sites has probably closed. 50mg Flexeril, Now, only the United States has, for certain, 100mg Flexeril, the military capability to avert what we have repeatedly termed unacceptable. Flexeril japan, The time for diplomacy is over. Buy Flexeril Over The Counter, It has failed. It never really had a chance since the threatened consequences had no real teeth. We have wasted much time by trying which raises the risks incident to a military solution, Flexeril mexico. All that negotiation gained for us was a reputation for indecisiveness and bluster which our enemies see as weakness. They have stalled for time and succeeded in gaining it.

If sanctions ever were to work, they had to be meaningful, buy Flexeril Over The Counter. A military blockade or quarantine might have succeeded. There probably isn't enough time now. The only real question that should remain is whether or not we should try one last warning. That warning should be either dismantle your nuclear facilities and open them up for inspection immediately to verify progress toward compliance or the U.S. Buy Flexeril Over The Counter, will act unilaterally to take them out, based upon the real threat they are about to pose to our allies.

The time for talk has run out. The threat of inaction grows daily.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Discount Norvasc

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Discount Norvasc, by J. F. Norvasc uk, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

In spite of the continued public outcry against illegal immigration resulting in well over 12, 100mg Norvasc,000, 250mg Norvasc, 000 illegal aliens now at large in our country, the federal government continues its half-hearted and ineffective efforts to secure our southern border. A decision to send 1200 National Guard troops to the border to provide administrative and technical assistance to the overmatched Border Patrol is a feeble gesture, Norvasc coupon. It amounts to little more than a show of force since the troops have no authority to enforce the law or to use their weapons except in self-defense, Discount Norvasc.

The show of force, 200mg Norvasc, moreover, is unconvincing since the smugglers and illegals know full well that the troops will not use force. They are being deployed mainly to make it appear that the administration is doing something in the face of growing efforts by individual states to take matters into their own hands, 10mg Norvasc. The administration, Norvasc us, meanwhile, continues to insist that the ultimate solution is comprehensive immigration policy reform.

There is, 750mg Norvasc, of course, Norvasc canada, much about immigration policy that needs reforms such as finding a way to admit more needed scientists, engineers, mathematicians and entrepreneurs rather than unskilled and uneducated laborers to add to those already here in abundance, 40mg Norvasc. Discount Norvasc, With one-tenth of the labor force currently unemployed, Americans are going to have to start doing some of those hard and dirty jobs that illegals have been doing. Almost any kind of job is better than no job and we can't keep extending jobless benefits forever as the administration seems intent on doing. Norvasc ebay, The Obama administration remains uncommitted to stopping illegal immigration for fear of alienating Hispanic voters and offending Mexico, an important trading partner and producer of oil. It continues to resist efforts to stop illegal border crossers at the border, Norvasc usa, focusing instead on sanctions against employers. 500mg Norvasc, There are, however, compelling reasons why the border should be secured by whatever means it takes, 20mg Norvasc, including the use of military forces unhampered by the archaic posse comitatus doctrine which was intended to limit the use of military forces in law enforcement activities involving American citizens. In this case, the troops would be guarding the border, Discount Norvasc. 150mg Norvasc, Any nation has a right to use its troops to protect its borders.

The Border Patrol has largely employed a policy of catch and release. Some illegals try to enter many times before they finally succeed, Norvasc india. There is little incentive to cease trying because they have little to lose. Discount Norvasc, Entering a country illegally is a serious crime that would result in incarceration in many countries. Norvasc paypal, Here, however, it is a game played nightly by Border Patrol agents and the smugglers and their clients, Norvasc japan.

But instead of merely deporting and releasing illegals to try again, Norvasc overseas, they should be charged with a federal crime and jailed for a period of time sufficient to discourage further attempts. The word would soon spread that sneaking across the border isn't worth the consequences of getting caught. The excuse now, 1000mg Norvasc, of course, Norvasc mexico, is that we haven't sufficient detention facilities. Then we should build some more, Discount Norvasc. People in the border states want action now. They are tired of excuses from the federal government, 30mg Norvasc. There is excess space on federal reservations and probably adequate facilities to house prisoners at minimum expense. Norvasc australia, These facilities don't have to be country clubs. Discount Norvasc, Mexico's government would protest, of course, as would our own apologists for the illegal aliens. So, what's new, 50mg Norvasc. The time has come for Mexico to support our efforts to control our common border and to do something about the miserable conditions that cause millions of their impoverished citizens to flee their own country at great risk. Norvasc craiglist, There is no question that a determined effort by the federal government could stop illegal immigration if it really wanted to. And it should for many reasons, some self-serving but some humane. Sneaking across the border is a dangerous game, Discount Norvasc. In the first half of 2010, over 130 illegal immigrants have died trying to cross Arizona's southern deserts, a 40% increase over the same period last year. And these numbers include only those bodies that have been found in Arizona. At this rate, over 200 will die this year in Arizona alone.

Conditions in Mexico must be dreadful indeed for people to take such risks. Discount Norvasc, But many migrants are not fully aware of the risks. While that is the fault primarily of the Mexican government, we are not blameless. We must remove the attractions that lure desperate migrants to their deaths. One step is to continue to ramp up sanctions against employers and also households that hire undocumented workers. The other is to get he word out that those who violate our border will likely be caught and incarcerated, not just taken back across the border and released to try again. We can no longer afford to take a benign attitude toward illegal immigration which is based on the mistaken notion that they are doing jobs that Americans won't do and which unfairly favors the citizens of a single country simply because of its proximity. CRO

copyright 2010 J.F, Discount Norvasc. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Buy Celexa No Prescription

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Buy Celexa No Prescription, by J. F. Kelly, 150mg Celexa, Jr. Celexa australia, | Coronado

While most Americans weren't paying attention, the Obama Administration pulled another fast one. Using a recess appointment, Celexa india, President Barack Obama named Dr, Celexa craiglist, Donald Berwick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Dr, Buy Celexa No Prescription. Berwick will thus exercise substantial control over how Obamacare is administered. His giant agency will account for about one-sixth of the economy and have a budget bigger than that of the Defense Department, Celexa canada. It will profoundly impact not just the U.S. Celexa coupon, economy, but the lives of most Americans. Buy Celexa No Prescription, A recess appointment circumvents the Senate confirmation process, sparing Dr. Berwick the discomfort of having to answer questions about some of his controversial views on the rationing of health care, 500mg Celexa. Recess appointments should be reserved for emergencies. Celexa mexico, Nominees for powerful appointive positions such as Medicine Czar should receive the public scrutiny that attends the Senate confirmation process.

American taxpayers recently received a rather hilarious mailer extolling the virtues of the new health care act and promising the miracle of better care for everyone at reduced cost. This propaganda piece was provided at taxpayer expense by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Buy Celexa No Prescription. Many of us wondered at the time what that organization was, 10mg Celexa. We are about to find out. 200mg Celexa, Much of the opposition to Obamacare centered around three concerns. First, was concern over a massive overhaul of what was arguably the finest medical care in the world, 30mg Celexa. Buy Celexa No Prescription, Second, was concern over the cost of a massive expansion in entitlements with the nation already so deeply in debt. Third, Celexa ebay, was concern that demand for health services would exceed supply which, together with financial constraints, would result in the rationing of health care, Celexa paypal. Excess waiting times and denial of services based upon age in some countries with nationalized or "free" health care were cited. 50mg Celexa, Dr. Berwick's appointment will surely heighten such fears and for good reason.

Dr, Buy Celexa No Prescription. Berwick has expressed admiration for Britain's national health service, 40mg Celexa. Many Brits, Celexa uk, however, don't share that admiration. In that country, Celexa japan, a senior citizen requiring a hip or knee replacement is apt to die of boredom or perhaps old age while waiting for it. 20mg Celexa, He has been quoted as saying that "excellent health care is by definition redistributional." On another occasion, he was quoted as saying that 8% of GDP is plenty for "best known" care and that a progressive policy regime will control and rationalize financing-control supply. Buy Celexa No Prescription, He's right about that last statement. A progressive policy regime will control supply and who can deny that the Obama Administration is a progressive regime, Celexa usa, determined to implement its progressive social agenda at any cost. 100mg Celexa, Mr. Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed Obamacare through a reluctant Congress in spite of the fact that a majority of Americans didn't want it, 250mg Celexa, felt that we couldn't afford it and worried that their existing care would be degraded. 1000mg Celexa, Given the level of public opposition, it was the height of arrogance to force it on Americans in that manner, rationalizing that Americans would come to accept it, Celexa overseas. In other words, big brother knows what's best for the little people, Buy Celexa No Prescription.

This arrogance was compounded by this outrageous recess appointment of a man whose public utterances make it quite clear that he accepts the rationing of health care. 750mg Celexa, His views should have been examined and debated in Senate confirmation hearings before being forced upon Americans.

Supporters of Obamacare correctly point out that health care is, in effect, Celexa us, already rationed. While we are justly proud of the excellence of our treatment and medical advances, access is a problem for some based upon age, cost or prior condition. Buy Celexa No Prescription, These problems, however, could have been addressed without a massive government intrusion into the healthcare industry. The real issue is by what method and by whom should health care be rationed: by market factors or by bureaucrats.

Dr. Berwick's appointment leaves little doubt as to what the Obama Administration has in mind in this regard. And by avoiding needed public debate on these important issues, Mr. Obama is once again demonstrating that he thinks he knows what's best for the little people, Buy Celexa No Prescription. No need for contentious debates. Don't bother to read the fine print. Stop worrying. Government will do everything better, you'll see. Buy Celexa No Prescription, This is the way it goes on the easy slide toward Socialism.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Where Can I Buy Zyprexa

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Where Can I Buy Zyprexa, by J. F. Kelly, Zyprexa paypal, Jr. 20mg Zyprexa, | Coronado

In a rational world, you would expect that a national government would welcome the assistance of state and local law enforcement agencies in supporting the laws of the land. Indeed, 100mg Zyprexa, that is the case in many countries but not always here. This might seem passing strange to an objective observer because the federal government certainly needs help in enforcing its laws, Where Can I Buy Zyprexa. Zyprexa japan, That is, of course, if the federal government really wants all its laws enforced, Zyprexa ebay. On that matter, 500mg Zyprexa, it is rather selective for reasons largely political.

The Obama Administration prefers comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship for the 12 or so millions of illegal aliens already here as a way to deal with the illegal immigration crisis. That's at least partly because a path to citizenship for them would probably also present a path to their reliably Democratic votes to help preserve their liberal social agenda, Zyprexa usa. Where Can I Buy Zyprexa, So the United States is suing one of its own states over a law passed in desperation by the state's legislature. The feds allege that the law intrudes on federal prerogatives to enforce immigration law and would put some people who are here legally at risk of being profiled or singled out because of their appearance. 250mg Zyprexa, The law had not yet even taken effect so there was no actual evidence to support any charge of profiling and, in fact, the law, 40mg Zyprexa, as written, Zyprexa australia, contained safeguards and warnings against such abuses. The clear intent of this premature and politically motivated lawsuit is to pander to Hispanic voters by pretending to be deeply concerned with the sensitivities of the Hispanic voters in this critical election year with Democratic prospects foundering. The energy and resources expended on this lawsuit and others to come could better be spent addressing the problems that led to the Arizona law in the first place: namely, 30mg Zyprexa, the broken border.

Since Operation Gatekeeper cracked down on illegal border crossers in the San Diego border region and pushed them further east into the remote desert areas of southern Arizona, the Grand Canyon State has been the victim of an unprecedented invasion by illegal aliens, Where Can I Buy Zyprexa. Zyprexa uk, They have trashed and vandalized the property of border residents and turned  their neighborhoods into pathways for the smuggling of drugs, weapons and human beings. Frustrated, Zyprexa coupon, angry and frightened Arizonans demanded help from the federal government whose responsibilities include border security and the protection of U.S. Zyprexa us, citizens and their property from violence. The federal government's response. Where Can I Buy Zyprexa, We need comprehensive immigration policy reform.

But the citizens of Arizona weren't asking for comprehensive immigration policy reform, 200mg Zyprexa. They were asking for protection against hordes of invaders from a foreign country, Zyprexa mexico, not all of whom were crossing into their state to mow their lawns, clean their homes, tend their children and work in restaurants, 50mg Zyprexa.

The federal government certainly welcomes help from the states in enforcing other laws and policies. 10mg Zyprexa, Local law enforcement helps enforce the laws, for example, on federal highways and helps provide protection for federal officials and facilities in their areas, 150mg Zyprexa. And why doesn't the federal government respond with lawsuits against cities who declare themselves sanctuaries where federal laws on illegal immigration will not be enforced, Where Can I Buy Zyprexa. Instead, Zyprexa india, it reacts with a lawsuit against a state that is trying to protect its people and their property because the feds are unable or unwilling to do so.

Attorney General Eric Holder has said that enforcing immigration laws is a national responsibility. Exactly, 750mg Zyprexa. But it has utterly failed in this responsibility. Where Can I Buy Zyprexa, Twelve million illegal aliens at large attest to that failure. Zyprexa craiglist, A nation that cannot control its borders is simply not secure. Traditionally, one of the principal reasons for maintaining a military organization is to protect borders, 1000mg Zyprexa.

Other states are considering legislation similar to Arizona's. Zyprexa overseas, They should proceed. The feds clearly need the help, because without the cooperation of local and state law enforcement, nothing short of militarizing the border will work, Where Can I Buy Zyprexa. Americans, in ever increasing numbers, Zyprexa canada, are demanding action. It should be a no-brainer. Stop illegal immigration. Don't even mention comprehensive reform until you do. Where Can I Buy Zyprexa, If this administration can't or won't do it, the voters will elect one that will.



copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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No RX Actos

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

No RX Actos, by J. F. Actos paypal, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

Southerners have a way of pronouncing it with one syllable (as in ohl), Actos coupon. Others require two (as in oy-yul). But however you pronounce it, you can be certain that it will be around for a very long time, No RX Actos. 50mg Actos, Contrary to popular myths and President Barack Obama, we are not close to running out of it or of places to drill for it.

Save-the-planet activists are taking advantage of the ongoing Gulf spill disaster to demonize oil and promote green energy, 10mg Actos. As a prominent member of the administration said recently, 30mg Actos, "Never let a crisis go to waste." But renewable energy will not eliminate our dependence upon oil in our lifetimes because of obvious cost and storage issues. Renewable energy cannot be stored like petroleum products. No RX Actos, Wind and solar depend upon nature's capricious ways and are not useful in powering the vehicles that account for most of our energy use. Nobody seems to want nuclear energy plants in their neighborhood or nuclear waste storage facilities in their state, 40mg Actos.

Activists who want to end our dependence on the hated black fluid frequently use the argument that we ought not to be dependant upon Arab nations for our oil. Actos australia, But we aren't. Most of our imported oil comes from this hemisphere and a good deal of our consumption comes from domestic sources. We are, in fact, a major producer of oil, No RX Actos. And we could produce a lot more if we would end our unreasonable limitations on safe shallow water coastal drilling and even safer drilling in unpopulated areas of Alaska and the western states, Actos japan. In fact we could eliminate the need for foreign oil altogether if exploited these safely accessible sources. 20mg Actos, The world produces nearly 60,000 barrels of oil every minute, most of it in foreign countries who control or own outright the means of production and are dependant upon oil revenue, Actos ebay. They are going to continue to produce oil which will be purchased and consumed by energy-hungry countries whether our renewable energy activists like it or not. No RX Actos, Protests and demonstrations will not change that. 150mg Actos, Neither will cap and trade policies which will only succeed in harming U.S. industries, making us less competitive, 100mg Actos.

These may be inconvenient facts for the Green energy activists, Actos usa, but they are facts nonetheless. Demand for oil will not abate. On the contrary, it will increase with developing giants like China and India fueling (pardon the pun) the increased demand, No RX Actos. We should, 250mg Actos, of course, Actos craiglist, be working toward cleaner energy solutions but we must be realistic. Most depend heavily upon government subsidies and cannot compete economically with oil and natural gas. And speaking of the latter, Actos overseas, we have an abundance of that, Actos india, too, and I'm not referring here to Congress.

Given these realities, 1000mg Actos, it is plain foolish not to exploit these safely accessible resources. No RX Actos, Other countries will continue to exploit theirs no matter how much our activists rail against fossil fuels. 200mg Actos, Economic growth will trump conservationist ideology most of the time. Moratoria and policies aimed at restricting drilling, production and use will harm the economy and inhibit job creation, Actos us. Authorizing additional safe exploration and drilling would, 500mg Actos, on the other hand, create tens of thousands of productive jobs including in the hard-hit Gulf States.

Instead of demonizing oil and promising further restrictions on drilling, Actos uk, there are more productive things the administration could be doing.  Over two and a half months have passed since the Gulf crisis began and the states most affected are still complaining about difficulties in getting things done because of federal bureaucratic red tape, No RX Actos. Actos canada, Examples are the use of skimmers including large tankers that have been refitted to skim and separate the oil from contaminated water, retain the oil on board and then discharge the cleaner water back into the Gulf. The EPA reportedly has delayed authorizing their use because the water discharged still contained some oil, Actos mexico. But isn't that water a whole lot cleaner than if it had just been left in the Gulf in the first place. 750mg Actos, Many nations have offered ships with sophisticated technology for controlling spills that we lack in this country. No RX Actos, (Don't be surprised. When the USS Cole was disabled by terrorists in Yemen, we had to hire a foreign ship to transport her back to the U.S. because we didn't have a ship suitable for the task). These offers have not been acted upon as of this writing because the administration refuses to waive the Jones Act, a relic which places restrictions on foreign ships in U.S. coastal waters. It was designed to protect our maritime industry from foreign competition at a time when we actually had a competitive maritime industry which has long since ceased to be the case, No RX Actos.

These examples suggest a few of the actions that the Obama administration could take now instead of spending time and energy trying to deflect blame away from its own inaction. Meanwhile, oil continues to gush as a result of this BP-caused disaster and now the hurricane season is upon us. And if the relief well solution doesn't work, what then.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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No RX Hydrochlorothiazide

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

No RX Hydrochlorothiazide, by J. F. 50mg Hydrochlorothiazide, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

My reaction on reading reporter Michael Hastings' nasty little expose, Hydrochlorothiazide australia, "Stanley Mc Chrystal: The Runaway General" in Rolling Stone was amazement over how a four-star general who was supposedly so intelligent could be so stupid as to permit a reporter to accompany him and his traveling staff to what was reported to be a drunken party in a Paris pub. 20mg Hydrochlorothiazide, Not that I necessarily disagree with all of the opinions expressed regarding the dysfunctional civilian team that President Barack Obama has put in charge of the stumbling Afghanistan campaign. Rather I wondered how anyone careless enough to let his guard down in the presence of a reporter, especially from a publication, which I wouldn't use to wrap fish for fear of spoiling the fish,  could possibly have made four stars, No RX Hydrochlorothiazide.

The press may not be the enemy of the military, but neither is it its friend and confidant, Hydrochlorothiazide ebay. Today's embedded reporters are not the Ernie Pyles of World War II, Hydrochlorothiazide canada, eager to cast the military in the best light. Scandal makes better news than building schoolhouses and winning hearts and minds, especially now that the public is wearying of this interminable war, 10mg Hydrochlorothiazide.

Mc Chrystal deserved to be fired, Hydrochlorothiazide uk, less for what he or his staffers might have felt than for letting it all hang out. No RX Hydrochlorothiazide, Did they think that Hastings would somehow glorify or dignify their views in his piece. Did they think that he was just one of the guys. Were they actually surprised when they were referred to in the article as, Hydrochlorothiazide paypal, inter alia, 500mg Hydrochlorothiazide, a handpicked collection of killers, spies, political operators and outright maniacs who pride themselves on their disdain for authority, Hydrochlorothiazide overseas. This is "Team America?"

No one, 30mg Hydrochlorothiazide, of course, should question the patriotism, bravery or military accomplishments of Gen, 150mg Hydrochlorothiazide. Mc Chrystal and his fiercely loyal staff, 250mg Hydrochlorothiazide, even if, in this instance, they behaved like participants at a frat party, Hydrochlorothiazide us. They are warriors and they have to let off steam, No RX Hydrochlorothiazide. When doing so, 200mg Hydrochlorothiazide, they don't usually talk like choir boys. But not in front of reporters or in public, for that matter, 750mg Hydrochlorothiazide. For that, Hydrochlorothiazide india, McChrystal deserves the blame. Four-star generals set the tone. No RX Hydrochlorothiazide, They are no longer supposed to act like platoon leaders. Perhaps his judgment was dulled by the cumulative effects of insufficient sleep that he seems to believe is a virtue, 1000mg Hydrochlorothiazide. Perhaps eating only one meal a day has robbed him of essential brain nutrients. Hydrochlorothiazide mexico, Gen. Mc Chrystal is the second Commander of U.S. and NATO Forces in Afghanistan to be sacked, No RX Hydrochlorothiazide. For Obama's Afghanistan strategy, 40mg Hydrochlorothiazide, it couldn't have come at a worse time with public support for him and the war waning and our NATO allies bailing out. Hydrochlorothiazide coupon, Or perhaps not. Perhaps Gen. McChrystal has done us a favor by calling attention to the deep divisions among those in charge of prosecuting this "righteous" war, 100mg Hydrochlorothiazide. No RX Hydrochlorothiazide, For this to be the case at this stage of a nine-year war, Mr. Obama must take the blame. Hydrochlorothiazide craiglist, Without a civilian-military team reading from the same sheet of music, it will be Vietnam all over again. The confirmation process for Gen, Hydrochlorothiazide japan. Petraeus, Hydrochlorothiazide usa, Mc Chrystal's successor, is the right time for a new assessment. What exactly are our objectives in Afghanistan, No RX Hydrochlorothiazide. What constitutes victory. How will we know when we achieve it. What are the consequences of not achieving it. (Please don't tell me that failure is not an option. No RX Hydrochlorothiazide, This is no time for slogans or unrealistic "can do".).Finally, are the objectives worth the cost in human lives and treasure, particularly when a majority of the people, both here and in Afghanistan, think we should get out.

Civilian leadership must answer these questions. If we are to continue to pursue the current strategy, then competent military judgment must determine the resources necessary for success and the time table for accomplishing it. It cannot be done on the cheap or reduced to compromises. Gen. Petraeus, who unlike Mc Chrystal is politically astute and tactful, needs to be candid and blunt with Congress and the administration about what it will take to achieve our objectives, No RX Hydrochlorothiazide. Mc Chrystal asked for one-third more troops than Obama finally agreed to. If Congress and Mr. Obama are not willing to devote the full resources needed or to make the time commitment required, then we should declare our mission accomplished and commence an orderly withdrawal now. A majority of Americans already favor that. No RX Hydrochlorothiazide, They are tired of a war that has lasted so long and cost so much with so little to show for it.

What are the consequences of withdrawing now. Afghanistan, its government corrupt and dysfunctional, will continue to host terrorists, just like it does now and probably will however long we stay. It won't be the only Muslim nation to do so and we can't invade them all. There are other ways to deal with terrorists and we have the technology to do it when required.


copyright 2010 J.F, No RX Hydrochlorothiazide. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Buy Indometacin No Prescription

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Buy Indometacin No Prescription, by J. F. Kelly, Jr, Indometacin craiglist. | Coronado

I seldom respond directly to letters or articles critical of positions taken in my commentaries. I consider myself fortunate to have venues for expressing my opinions and, 100mg Indometacin, having had my say, I believe that others should have a chance to disagree. Sometimes, however, a re-rebuttal seems in order if it provides additional information for readers to weigh, Buy Indometacin No Prescription.

In "Judging Elena Kagan", I wrote of her decision as Dean of Harvard Law School to reinstate a policy banning the military services from using the law school's main career office for recruiting while allowing other agencies and employers to do so, Indometacin mexico. She did this, she indicated, Indometacin ebay, because of her opposition to the military's ban on homosexuals serving openly in the armed forces. I pointed out that the military was, in fact, complying with the "don't ask-don't tell" policy, 1000mg Indometacin, established by the Clinton  Administration after an unsuccessful effort to overturn the ban by executive order. That policy was subsequently enacted into law by Congress. Buy Indometacin No Prescription, In following that policy, therefore, the military was complying with the law of the land as it is required to do. 750mg Indometacin, I commented further that Ms. Kagan's policy was symptomatic at the time of a strident anti-military culture at Harvard and some other elite universities.

In response to my commentary, Peter Stenad, Indometacin india, writing in the Coronado EagleJournal, cited an article in the May 11th edition of The Wall Street Journal, 40mg Indometacin, for what, in his words, "appears to be a more informed description of the Harvard Law School policy on military recruiting and Ms. Kagan's handling of it." The article, 50mg Indometacin, written by former Harvard Law School Dean Robert C. Clark, is entitled "Kagan and the Military: What Really Happened."  In it, the author endeavors to explain the history of military recruiting at Harvard Law, Buy Indometacin No Prescription. According to Mr. Indometacin uk, Stenad, Clark said that military recruiters were never banned and that Kagan reinstated the policy of allowing the military recruiters use of the career office. Mr. Stenad quotes Mr.Clark as concluding that it would be very wrong to portray Elena Kagan as hostile to the U.S, Indometacin japan. Buy Indometacin No Prescription, military and that quite the opposite was true.

Well, you could have fooled me. 200mg Indometacin, For perhaps an even more informed account of what was going on at Harvard, I refer the reader and Mr. Stenad to an op-ed by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), Indometacin paypal, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The piece appeared in the June 19 edition of The San Diego Union-Tribune. He recalls, accurately in my view, the shameful discrimination against the military practiced by many of our elite academic institutions, Buy Indometacin No Prescription. I myself was aware of some of it while attending the Harvard Business School in 1971. 150mg Indometacin, For example, I was once dared to walk across Harvard Yard in uniform. On another occasion, I was told that I could never be forgiven for what happened in Vietnam, Indometacin australia. Those were the days when it was fashionable on some campuses to refer to Vietnam veterans as "baby killers". Buy Indometacin No Prescription, After Congress enacted into law the "don't ask-don't tell" policy, a policy initiated by the same Clinton administration that Kagan loyally served, the situation grew worse. Major law firms and corporations could recruit on campuses that university administrators and faculty activists put off limits to military recruiters. 20mg Indometacin, Congress eventually was pushed to take action. The Solomon Amendment, passed in 1995, required universities to provide equal access to the military if they wished to keep federal funding including lucrative government research contracts, 30mg Indometacin.

Sen. Sessions says that Harvard disregarded the new law and continued to block access of military recruiters, Buy Indometacin No Prescription. Acting on the Solomon Amendment, Indometacin coupon, the Department of Defense finally threatened to cut off such funding. Harvard Law subsequently caved under pressure and allowed access. This was the policy status when Ms. Kagan became dean in 2003, 500mg Indometacin. Buy Indometacin No Prescription, But instead of following that policy, she reversed it, again denying access to military recruiters. According to Sen. Sessions, Indometacin us, she filed a legal brief to challenge the Solomon Amendment so that she could block military recruiters without jeopardizing the millions in taxpayer dollars that Harvard received annually. "Simply put," said Sessions, "Harvard was legally bound by the Solomon Amendment every single day that Kagan was dean."

The U.S, Indometacin overseas. military consistently enjoys one of the highest, if not the highest public approval ranking of any institution in America. It is a model of racial, ethnic, gender and religious integration and if the ban on homosexuals serving openly is lifted, I am certain that it will support that law as well, Buy Indometacin No Prescription. Indometacin canada, The services provide excellent career opportunities, education and upward mobility to millions of young Americans. Denying access to military recruiters because of a social agenda was not only unfair to those who were denied information regarding these career opportunities, it was unfair to the nation because it denied the services access to some of the best and brightest from our premier universities who may have wanted to serve and who had much to offer, 10mg Indometacin.

Elena Kagan, in my view, Indometacin usa, showed contempt for the law and for the military which make her a deeply flawed candidate for the highest court in the land. Actions in defiance of the law should have consequences. She should not be confirmed. CRO

Buy Indometacin No Prescription, copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F, 250mg Indometacin. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California.


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No RX Vpxl

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

No RX Vpxl, by J. F. Kelly, Jr, 30mg Vpxl. | Coronado

After repeated, well-publicized warnings that it would prevent by force if necessary, Vpxl mexico, a group of ships, organized by a Turkish-based pro-Hamas organization with other links to terrorism, loaded with a meager cargo of humanitarian aid and a large cargo of loud-mouthed, anti-Israeli activists, 250mg Vpxl, from breaking its naval blockade of Gaza, Israel did what it said it would. Vpxl japan, All of the ships except one were boarded without incident. Activists on the largest ship attacked the boarding party, armed with paint ball guns, with clubs and knives, No RX Vpxl. The Israeli commandos responded with lethal force, killing nine.

The victims were not blameless humanitarians, 40mg Vpxl, primarily concerned with aiding the residents of Hamas-controlled Gaza. If they were, 500mg Vpxl, they would have accepted Israel's offer to land at the nearby Israeli port of Ashod, so that the cargo could be inspected for forbidden items, including cement, as other vessels carrying supplies for Gaza have done in the past, Vpxl craiglist. On two previous occasions, Israeli naval forces had intercepted Iranian weapons bound for Gaza. No RX Vpxl, They choose to participate in an effort to break a blockade that is every bit as legitimate as blockades that the U. Vpxl coupon, S. has imposed against Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis and more recently against Iran, to name only two of many. Israel imposed the blockade after living through a missile crisis of its own, 100mg Vpxl. Thousands of rockets were fired indiscriminately on Israeli towns and villages including civilian neighborhoods, schools and hospitals. Ask yourself what we would have done had missiles been fired from Cuba or anywhere else, No RX Vpxl. Vpxl ebay, That the action occurred in international waters is totally irrelevant. The ships, romantically termed a humanitarian flotilla, were bound for Gaza and their stated intent was to break the blockade and "free" Gaza, Vpxl overseas. which, of course, 1000mg Vpxl, is already free, if you consider living under the rule of a terrorist organization like Gaza, freedom. If Israel permitted ships to run the blockade uninspected, 200mg Vpxl, the number of weapons being smuggled into Gaza would increase exponentially. No RX Vpxl, Against whom, do you suppose, would these weapons be used.

Israel is already allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza, Vpxl australia, most of it provided by the Israeli themselves. If humanitarian concerns were the prime motive of the activists, why didn't they sail for Somalia or Sudan whose residents sorely need some aid. You can guess why, 20mg Vpxl. That would be dangerous. Instead of being detained and deported, they might be shot and dragged through the streets and there would be none of the soul searching about excess force now going on in Israel, No RX Vpxl. That there were casualties is regrettable. Vpxl us, The lesson learned should be that immature, naïve activists should probably refrain from running a naval blockade or at least be prepared to accept the consequences without claiming victim status.

The once-great, former colonial powers of Europe, Vpxl usa, reduced now in influence to mere sermonizing, and , Vpxl canada, of course, the entire Arab world exploded in wrath. Even the U.S., Israel's closest ally, 150mg Vpxl, joined in the condemnation while at the same time clumsily trying to straddle the fence. No RX Vpxl, Military operations, according to the new morality, must not result in civilian deaths, even in an era when all the terrorists are civilians. At the same timewe accept a tolerable number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, 750mg Vpxl, calling them. unavoidable collateral casualties, and permitting targeted assassinations by drone-launched missiles. It's not that I'm criticizing our tactics, Vpxl paypal. It's just the double standard that troubles. We can do what is necessary to protect our interests, but Israel cannot, No RX Vpxl. What gives us the right to prescribe the terms by which another sovereign nation can defend itself and the people whose safety is their prime responsibility.. 50mg Vpxl, The European reaction is predictable, if irrelevant. Europe, with its large and growing Muslim population, 10mg Vpxl, is already largely anti-Israel. And the knee-jerk reaction from Arab countries is a given. No RX Vpxl, What do you expect from countries where a large percentage of the people openly profess hatred of Jews and whose government steadfastly refuse to recognize the state of Israel or even its right to exist. Vpxl india, And therein is the crux of the problem. Peace will never come to the Middle East until that changes.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Vpxl uk, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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