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Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Buy Motilium Over The Counter, by J. F. Kelly, Motilium usa, Jr. | Coronado

President Barack Obama has already made it abundantly clear that he is determined to end the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that prohibits openly gay persons from serving in the armed forces. According to his press secretary, 750mg Motilium, Robert Gibbs, the president believes the policy to be unjust, Motilium ebay, detrimental to national security and discriminatory toward those willing to die for their country.

Defenders of the policy might argue to the contrary that allowing openly gay personnel to serve might harm national security and discriminate against the moral beliefs of those service members who believe that homosexual behavior is immoral, buy Motilium Over The Counter. They might argue further that forced cohabitation with gays in the crowded confines of, say, a small naval vessel or submarine with common berthing and head (bathroom) facilities would constitute an unwarranted intrusion on their right to a reasonable amount of privacy such as is currently provided to male and female crew members, 50mg Motilium.

They might also add that service in the armed forces is not just another occupation nor is there an inherent right to serve in the military. The services are, Motilium coupon, of necessity, highly selective and already discriminate, as it were, against those who are too fat, Motilium us, too thin, too tall, Motilium australia, too short, too weak, too old, too young, Motilium japan, too unhealthy, those who are sight or hearing impaired, 30mg Motilium, those with behavioral or learning problems and those who are not intelligent enough. This is only a partial list. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, The fact is, in today's all-volunteer, lean armed services, the "average" citizen will probably not meet the mental or physical standards for service as a return to selective service would no doubt disturbingly demonstrate.

But be that as it may, most observers believe that the days of "don't ask, Motilium craiglist, don't tell" are numbered. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, 500mg Motilium, Adm. Mike Mullen favors eliminating the policy. Most foreign military services have already done so although given the state of most foreign military services, that hardly constitutes an endorsement, Motilium india. Our armed forces are currently conducting a study to identify potential problems associated with eliminating the policy, buy Motilium Over The Counter. The study is due out by the end of the year.

One wonders why, 10mg Motilium, then, U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips, who probably never spent a six-month deployment living in a shipboard berthing compartment the size of her living room with about 35 shipmates, 20mg Motilium, all using a common head, found it necessary at this point in time to issue an injunction to stop the military from discharging any service members for violating this policy, 1000mg Motilium, which, by the way, is the law of the land, having been enacted by Congress at the request of the Clinton Administration, Motilium paypal. Couldn't it have waited until the military report, due in two months, 200mg Motilium, was available. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, Better still, couldn't it have waited for congress to take action on a law it created.

Here's a possible answer: judicial activism and a chance to make history. Judge Phillips, of Riverside, Motilium uk, California, a Clinton appointee and a registered Democrat, 40mg Motilium, has no military experience and yet feels qualified to rule on an issue that may profoundly affect military morale and effectiveness without even waiting for the forthcoming assessment of the potential impact. Here again is another unelected appointee with a legal and academic background but precious little real life experience overruling a policy that has been in effect for nearly two decades without a clue as to the potential effect on a very traditional and disciplined warrior culture. This is, in my opinion, 250mg Motilium, the very definition of judicial arrogance.

Shortly after President Bill Clinton took office, he attempted to end the policy prohibiting gays from service in the military by executive order without any prior consultation with the military leadership, buy Motilium Over The Counter. As he quickly learned, Motilium mexico, it was a huge miscalculation that hurt his credibility early on in his presidency. The order was quickly rescinded when it became apparent that it would adversely affect morale, retention and recruiting. Military members, 100mg Motilium, being volunteers and not conscripts, are able to vote with their feet. Motilium canada, "Don't ask, don't tell" was a compromise which pleased neither side but it has worked. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, Gays have served and are serving today with distinction and have been free to do so as long as they don't advertise or act out their sexual attraction toward members of the same sex. Issues involving the integration of homosexuals into the military are not remotely comparable to those associated with the earlier integration of races and genders. The primary issues with integrating homosexuals pertain to behavior and privacy, Motilium overseas. Privacy concerns with integrating women were dealt with effectively by providing separate berthing and head facilities. This will not be feasible in integrating homosexual and heterosexual crew members given the space constraints on board ships and for other obvious reasons. Those who have not experienced military living conditions in the field or on board ship are clueless as to the problems which can arise, buy Motilium Over The Counter. 150mg Motilium, Judge Phillips stubbornly refused a request by the Obama Administration to stay her order. Eventually, more mature judgment prevailed, at least for the time being, and a higher court intervened, restoring the policy. Stay tuned for further developments.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Buy Motilium No Prescription

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Buy Motilium No Prescription, by J. F. 10mg Motilium, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

We’ve seen this before, 30mg Motilium. California ballots are notorious for them. I’m referring to propositions with misleading titles and verbiage that deceive voters and may in fact result in something quite the opposite from what the voter is led to believe, Buy Motilium No Prescription. 250mg Motilium, I wrote in this space recently that such deceptively-worded propositions deserve to be defeated regardless of their merits.

California’s Proposition 25 is, in my view, Motilium coupon, an example of a proposition that deserves to be defeated both on its merits and on the basis of the deceptive language associated with it. 150mg Motilium, Prop. 25 would change the legislative vote requirement to pass a state budget and budget-related legislation (italics mine), from a super majority of two-thirds to just a simple majority, Motilium us. It would also provide for the permanent forfeiture of the daily salary and expenses of legislators until the budget bill passes.

Buy Motilium No Prescription, Californians are understandably frustrated by seemingly endless delays in getting a state budget passed. This proposition, Motilium usa, if passed, will make it easier, of course, Motilium craiglist, to pass a budget on time. 1000mg Motilium, The party that controls the legislature will usually have enough votes to pass the budget if all that is required is a simple majority. But that makes it too easy to pass an irresponsible budget based upon unrealistic revenue estimates and loaded with spending we can’t afford, over the valid objections of the opposition party, Motilium overseas. Proposed tax increases already require a super majority of two-thirds to pass and rightly so. Increasing the tax burden on citizens should require more than a bare simple majority, Buy Motilium No Prescription. Motilium canada, Supporters of tax increases should have to work harder to obtain those extra votes before increasing everyone’s taxes. And legislators should have to work just as hard to pass a budget that will profoundly affect California citizens and businesses.

Supporters of Prop. 25 claim that, Motilium uk, in a democracy, Motilium india, the majority should rule. There is, however, 500mg Motilium, such a thing as the tyranny of the majority. Buy Motilium No Prescription, There are, therefore, many examples in our democracy where super majorities of two-thirds or three-fourths or even unanimous votes are required.

Prop. Motilium paypal, 25, if it passes, would make it easier to for Sacramento politicians to raise our taxes, 100mg Motilium. It would also permit the passage by simple majority of budget-related legislation. Motilium australia, This is a prescription for legislative mischief and will almost certainly result in higher spending and taxes. Voters should be wary of any legislation which makes it easier for politicians to spend money.

Supporters of Prop. 25 have sweetened this proposition by a provision that permanently forfeits the daily salaries and expenses of legislators for each day that the budget is delayed, Buy Motilium No Prescription. This provision appeals to popular sentiment and anger with politicians over budget delays but there is little likelihood of it ever happening since the party controlling the legislature should have little trouble getting just over 50% of the votes to pass a budget, Motilium ebay. Californians, 40mg Motilium, however, may not be very happy with the budget that emerges from this simplified process.

All Californians want budgets to be passed on time. They are understandably weary of political deadlock in Sacramento as well as in Washington, 200mg Motilium. But polls are showing consistently that what voters want most of all are balanced budgets that are fiscally responsible, Motilium mexico, not budgets that are balanced by smoke and mirrors. Buy Motilium No Prescription, A two-thirds super majority vote requirement to pass a budget as well as new taxes is a needed protection for California taxpayers, already among the most highly taxed in the nation. If Prop. passes, 50mg Motilium, they will be denied that extra protection.

It is always instructive to find out who are the supporters and advocates of each proposition on the ballot. 20mg Motilium, Prominent among Prop. 25 supporters are public employee unions whose benefits account for much of California’s spending. Gee, what a surprise!

Don’t be fooled by Prop, Buy Motilium No Prescription. 25’s promises, 750mg Motilium. It’s not really about holding Sacramento legislators responsible. Motilium japan, It’s about making it easier for them to spend your money.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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No RX Motilium

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

No RX Motilium, by J. F. 50mg Motilium, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

Candidates for public office today had better be squeaky clean or else something from the past is apt to come to light and bite them when they least expect it, 20mg Motilium. Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, Motilium australia, a political novice, built upon her business and management successes, as well as her ample wealth, 750mg Motilium, to gain the party's nomination to run for the highest office in the nation's largest state. Given the state's desperate fiscal condition, it sorely needs someone with business and management skills, No RX Motilium. 1000mg Motilium, Ms. Whitman labored mightily in the primary campaign to convince the party's base that she was more conservative than Ronald Reagan. That strategy having worked, Motilium india, she is now endeavoring to convince independents and moderate Democrats that she really is a moderate after all. Motilium overseas, She and former governor Jerry Brown, renowned as a liberal but who professes now to be a born-again moderate, or something of that order, Motilium mexico, were running neck and neck, Motilium coupon, each with the support of about 41% of likely voters. No RX Motilium, Then along came Los Angeles attorney Gloria Alred with a tearful illegal alien, Nicki Diaz Santillan, in tow. It seems that Ms. Diaz Santillan was employed as a housekeeper for Whitman for nine years, Motilium japan, until she was fired last year. Motilium canada, Diaz Santillan blubbered on cameras with attorney Alred looking on with an appropriately severe-looking expression. The housekeeper sobbed that she had been exploited, disrespected, 10mg Motilium, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused. All of this allegedly occurred while she was collecting $23 an hour in the Whitman household, No RX Motilium. Motilium craiglist, The timing of this drama was decidedly inconvenient for Ms. Whitman, who is locked in a tight campaign and trying to reach out to Hispanic voters, 150mg Motilium. Her campaign responded with alacrity. 250mg Motilium, It produced IRS and immigration forms which Diaz Santilla reportedly signed in 2000 stating that she was a legal resident of the United States. No RX Motilium, The campaign also produced a copy of a social security card that Diaz Santillan reportedly used. Ms. Whitman said that she used an agency to hire the housekeeper and that the agency provided the documentation regarding her residency, Motilium ebay.

Whitman said that she fired Diaz Santillan as soon as she learned that she was illegal. Motilium us, She said that it was difficult to let her go because she had come to regard her as a friend and a member of their extended household. Diaz Santillan, however, alleges that Whitman had to be aware of her illegal status all along and that she was fired only when Whitman decided to run for governor, No RX Motilium.

Diaz Santillan reportedly said that she contacted Ms. Whitman in June 2009 to seek help in legalizing her status, 200mg Motilium. According to a Wall Street Journal article, Motilium usa, Diaz Santillan said that Whitman called her back four days later and said that, after consulting a lawyer, there was nothing she could do to help, Motilium paypal. Diaz Santillan then reportedly said that Whitman then told her, 100mg Motilium, "I don't know you. No RX Motilium, You have never seen me and I have never seen you. Understand me?"

Mr. Brown, 500mg Motilium, in knee-jerk fashion, 30mg Motilium, was quick to observe that, once again, Whitman has shown that she thinks the rules don't apply to her, 40mg Motilium.

Who to believe. Motilium uk, Probably not the word of someone who broke the law to sneak into the country, who apparently lied about her status and used someone else's social security number to gain employment. Her attorney, Gloria Alred, has been described as a Democratic activist who has made political contributions to Democratic candidates including Mr, No RX Motilium. Brown. She has had prior experience in bringing allegations against Republican gubernatorial candidates in the late stages of a campaign. In 2003, one day before the state's recall election, Alred produced a woman who claimed that she was groped by Arnold Schwarzeneggar. He denied the allegation and went on to win convincingly. No RX Motilium, Whitman may not be my all-time favorite candidate, but I certainly think that she deserves the benefit of the doubt on this one unless other facts emerge. If Whitman used an agency to hire the housekeeper, it seems reasonable that she should be able to trust documents that the agency provided. If the documents were not authentic, shouldn't the agency have some liability. For that matter, what action is being taken against Ms. Diaz Santillan for her illegal acts.

The entire episode smells to me like a politically-motivated attempt to smear a candidate and to turn Hispanic voters against Whitman, No RX Motilium. Diaz Santillan's theatrics and attempts to portray herself as a victim despite having apparently broken several laws are outrageous and demonstrate the extent to which illegal immigration has gotten out of hand in this country.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Discount Clonidine

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Discount Clonidine, by J. F. Kelly, 30mg Clonidine, Jr. 40mg Clonidine, | Coronado

In a graduate seminar on organizational behavior, we used to refer to some large universities as examples of loosely-coupled or loosely-governed organizations with different departments or schools within the university acting almost autonomously. Harvard University might serve as an example, 200mg Clonidine. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell, from the outside at least, who makes policy and who is really in charge, Discount Clonidine.

In some third world countries, 1000mg Clonidine, university students exercise substantial influence on public affairs perhaps because they are perceived as better educated and more intelligent than the rest of the population. Student unrest and demonstrations have threatened the stability of governments and have resulted in changes in public policies. Happily, 500mg Clonidine, that is not the case in the United States where university students do not have a monopoly on enlightened opinion. Clonidine paypal, Campus protests are not usually given much though by people in the real world and rarely make the news. Discount Clonidine, Harvard undergraduates might constitute an exception. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece recently, Ruth R, 150mg Clonidine. Wisse, 50mg Clonidine, a professor of Yiddish and comparative literature at Harvard, wrote about a university-sponsored celebration of the 50th anniversary of Harvard's Committee on Degrees in Social Studies at which Martin Peretz, a former teacher in the program, 250mg Clonidine, was honored. Clonidine uk, Prof. Wisse says that Mr. Peretz had to be escorted across campus by police, surrounded by mobs of screaming students, Discount Clonidine. His offense, 750mg Clonidine. He reportedly had questioned in a blog why Muslims don't respond more vigorously to acts of terrorism against their own people. Clonidine usa, This is, apparently, not politically correct speech at Harvard, Clonidine ebay. Recall that Larry Summers was canned for saying something about why more females don't gravitate toward mathematics. Discount Clonidine, At Harvard and other universities, students have disrupted or shouted down speakers whose views conflicted with theirs and have succeeded in some cases, with the help of sympathetic faculty, in pressuring the university to cancel prominent speakers including government officials and senior military officials who had been invited to speak. Clonidine coupon, So much for free speech on campus.

When U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was dean of Harvard Law School, Clonidine india, she enforced a limit on the use of the school's facilities by military recruiters because of the "don't ask, 20mg Clonidine, don't tell" policy which the university believes discriminates against homosexuals. Although questioned about this during her confirmation hearings, she was nonetheless confirmed, Clonidine us.

In 1969, Harvard students opposed to the Vietnam War agitated to purge "their" campus of "imperialist exploiters", meaning members of the military, Discount Clonidine. Student activism culminated in a mob of students storming University Hall. Clonidine mexico, The protest turned even more violent and an ROTC facility was torched. The administration caved in and ROTC was expelled from campus. The radical students and professors won, Clonidine canada. Discount Clonidine, Today, over forty years later, the ROTC is still not welcome on Harvard Yard. Harvard students who wish to avail themselves of ROTC scholarships and opportunities must train at nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology where students presumably don't determine the policy. Clonidine japan, A student handbook at Harvard reportedly cautions students against joining ROTC since that program is "inconsistent with Harvard's values." The number of Harvard students choosing ROTC has naturally declined.

In a recent interview with Boston Globe reporters and editors, Harvard's president Drew Gilpin Faust said that the university would welcome the military training program back on campus only when the "don't ask, 10mg Clonidine, don't tell" policy is repealed. Clonidine craiglist, Faust meanwhile has been vocally supportive of a plan to grant legal status to young illegal immigrants who attend two years of college or serve for two years in the military. Senate majority leader Harry Reid tried to add this plan, known as the Dream Act, to the defense bill along with repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, Discount Clonidine. This end run ploy was stymied by a Republican filibuster.

Harvard's policy discriminates against the military which is still complying with the law of the land, Clonidine australia, which, Clonidine overseas, for the time being at least, still includes the "don't ask, don't tell" policy enacted by Congress during the Clinton Administration, 100mg Clonidine. Harvard's policy deserves more than just condemnation. Taxpayers should persuade the federal government to deny any federal funds including research grants to Harvard until they stop discriminating against the military. Discount Clonidine, Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) put it well when he said, "It is incomprehensible to me that Harvard does not allow ROTC to use its facilities, but welcomes students who are in the country illegally."


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Discount Celexa

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Discount Celexa, by J. F. 40mg Celexa, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

Election campaigns have a certain entertainment value but I'd rather undergo a root canal than watch a month's worth of political commercials on TV, 1000mg Celexa. Most of them are totally devoid of redeeming social or educational value. Our brains will become numbed by an endless barrage of silly political ads, most of them repetitious and many juvenile enough to be insulting to the intelligence of those that are even moderately well-informed on the pertinent issues, Discount Celexa. Celexa craiglist, Trouble is, that leaves a very large percentage of those who are not.

These folks haven't the time, Celexa australia, interest or energy to read up on the issues and rely instead on paid political ads often containing sound bites taken out of context, 20mg Celexa, corny dramatizations and muck-raking. Such people are, of course, Celexa coupon, the principal target audience for the political ad writers whose value is measured by their success in manipulating voters. 750mg Celexa, We learn from an early age that voting is more than just a right; it is a responsibility. Discount Celexa, But is it being responsible to vote for something one doesn't understand. Becoming informed on the issues as best we can is surely the greater responsibility.

Political ad writers love to use dramatizations to get their sales pitches across, Celexa us, using actors to portray ordinary, Celexa canada, sensible people like us. It tends to be effective in selling merchandise and services and it apparently also seems to work in selling politicians and propositions. Viewers tend to identify with the actors who are invariably attractive, 10mg Celexa, cool and persuasive. But dramatizations are not reality and they provide a poor basis for voting decisions, Discount Celexa. 50mg Celexa, Attack ads intended to destroy or discredit the opponent are a poor substitute for political messages that focus on the issues and describe how the candidate himself can make a difference. Polls show that mainstream voters and independents are increasingly turned off by savage personal attacks. Voters whose minds are not already made up want to know about what a candidate has to offer, 150mg Celexa, not about the personal shortcomings of his or her opponent from someone who has a vested interest in making that opponent look bad. Celexa usa, Voters can determine those shortcomings objectively, all by themselves. Discount Celexa, Most irritating of all are the political ads for or against ballot measures. California leads the way here, 250mg Celexa. There are nine on the current ballot. Celexa ebay, The titles often bear little relation to what the measure would accomplish or prevent and capture the interest of gullible voters with righteous sounding titles like "Save our schools" or "Save our children". Who but a bad person wouldn't want these things. Problem is, the proposition may have little to do with either outcome, Discount Celexa. The wording of proposition titles can be grossly misleading, Celexa overseas, leading voters to support something quite different from what they presumed from the title. 100mg Celexa, Sponsors of such ads who deliberately contrive the wording of ballot measures to deceive voters deserve to have those measures rejected by the voters, whatever the merits of the measure. Voters should read the legislative analyses in the official voter information guide and form their own conclusions, Celexa mexico. A wealth of information on a measure may also be available on the internet, Celexa india, but consider the source of the information before relying on it.. Discount Celexa, Ads that depict opponents in unflattering poses or looking guilty or confused may also be a sign of a candidate who does not have a convincing message of his own or who is trying to deflect attention away from his own shortcomings. The TV ad showing gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman with a long and lengthening nose provides a current example. Finally, 500mg Celexa, name-calling is usually the last resort of a candidate who has run out of convincing arguments. 30mg Celexa, Millions are spent on campaign ads representing, in my view, a tremendous waste of resources, Celexa uk. For the most part, Celexa paypal, the political "messages" they pay for provide a biased and distorted basis for voting decisions. From the standpoint of the voters, the money would be far better spent on debates and town hall style meetings where the candidates have to think on their feet, but, unfortunately, since we are a nation very much conditioned by what we see and hear on TV, that's where much of the campaign spending goes, Discount Celexa.

Voting is indeed a responsibility in a democracy but it isn't nearly enough just to vote. The greater responsibility by far is to become informed on the issues, Celexa japan. The future of our communities, 200mg Celexa, states and country depends upon an enlightened electorate. Don't rely on political ads for objective information. Discount Celexa, They are designed, not primarily to inform, but rather to sell you a product, namely a politician or a proposition. Do your own research. Tune out those juvenile dramatizations. They are not reality. Don't be influenced by sound bites without first putting them in context. Don't be manipulated by the ad writers, Discount Celexa. Think for yourself. Your vote is too important to let them do the thinking for you.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Discount Valtrex

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Discount Valtrex, by J. F. Valtrex mexico, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

Pundits and party strategists are in a frenzy trying to explain what the recent primary election results really mean and what the present and future roles of the tea party movement will be, Valtrex paypal. Obviously, Valtrex usa, many of the tea party-supported candidates did well, toppling some prominent establishment Republicans who were deemed to be too moderate or too accommodating toward liberals. But will the tea party rhetoric prove too extreme for mainstream Americans, echoing the perpetually angry conservative radio talk show hosts who "want to take back America", Discount Valtrex.

Will primary victories for previously little-know, Valtrex india, tea party-backed candidates turn into defeats in the November election. Valtrex uk, Will there be a backlash.

The Obama-Reid-Pelosi ruling trio desperately hopes so but their nervousness is showing as they watch defections within the Democratic ranks growing. At this writing, Valtrex ebay, 31 Democratic legislators have defied the party leadership by announcing support for extending the Bush tax cuts and Democrats involved in close races are distancing themselves from the big three with some even running advertisements critical of Ms. Discount Valtrex, Pelosi. Valtrex australia, Is the tea party movement swinging America too far to the right. Does it accurately reflect the sentiments of most Americans. We'll know in November how many of the nominees backed by the movement are electable, Valtrex us. Democratic strategists are predicting that once the populist tendencies of some of these candidates like Sharon Angle of Nevada, Valtrex overseas, Joe Miller of Alaska and Christine O'Donnell of Delaware become better know, Republican moderates, businessmen and independents will be reluctant to support them financially, 1000mg Valtrex. My guess is that these strategists will be disappointed, Discount Valtrex.

Most polls now show that over half of Americans want Republicans to take control of Congress. 40mg Valtrex, This is a startling reversal from earlier in the year. What has happened in the interim. Americans became deeply troubled by the drift to the left of their government and by the tactics of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in pushing unpopular, 50mg Valtrex, complex and flawed legislation through Congress by manipulative and divisive methods. Discount Valtrex, A Rassmussen poll shows that more than two-thirds of Americans (68%) want a smaller government, lower taxes and, remarkably for the times, fewer services. Valtrex craiglist, The percentages are higher among independents (74%) and Republicans (88%). In short, people want less spending, Valtrex canada, less borrowing and less intrusion into their lives. 20mg Valtrex, They are startled by the growth of government and frightened over the debt burden we are bequeathing to our children and grandchildren. They have watched with a sense of frustration as the Obama Administration has, in two short years, 250mg Valtrex, lurched to the left, 150mg Valtrex, expanding the size and scope of government, bailing out the banking and auto industries and putting us on the road to socialized medicine.

Americans have watched as billions were squandered on stimulus packages that have not worked, Discount Valtrex. Employers still are not hiring, 30mg Valtrex, banks still are not lending, 200mg Valtrex, people still are losing jobs or income and homes while all the administration seems capable of doing is more of the same with the prospects of higher taxes to boot.

Obama has lost one-third of his support among independents. The congressional approval rating sits at a pathetic 23%, 500mg Valtrex. People are angry and they want change. Discount Valtrex, They aren't sure who has answers that will work but they have seen enough of the current administration to conclude that they are clueless. Valtrex coupon, These emotions were at work in the primaries as establishment candidates fell to relative unknowns, untainted by the ruling class stigma, promising a return to basic values and principles, 100mg Valtrex. My reading of the tea leaves is that when the voters weigh in come November, Valtrex japan, they will still want change and they will figure that anything will be better than what they've gotten the past two years.

So if Democrats are counting on a backlash against the perceived excesses of the tea party movement, they will probably be disappointed, 750mg Valtrex. Some of the tea party-backed candidates may be a little rough around the edges, 10mg Valtrex, but their populist sentiments are back in style with the ordinary people who are tired of having ruling elites tell them what's best for them. It is definitely not fashionable with them this year to be perceived as an establishment politician or to be associated with an administration that has abused its mandate, Discount Valtrex. Voters want to elect candidates they feel can focus on fixing problems, not creating new government bureaucracies or programs to study them. They have also seen enough these past two years to know that government cannot spend its way to prosperity.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California.


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Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, by J. F. Hydrochlorothiazide craiglist, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

Most Americans tend to think highly of the schools their own children happen to attend, 30mg Hydrochlorothiazide. They may be critical of public education in general, Hydrochlorothiazide ebay, but they tend to believe that their own kids are in good hands and that they are doing better than most in terms of academic performance. Chances are, they are deluding themselves but even if their own kids' academic performance ranks relatively high nationally, they may be surprised at how it compares internationally, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale.

The results of several surveys show that American students fare poorly when compared with peers in other industrialized nations in the critical areas of math and science. In addition to receiving mediocre to poor rankings in these subject areas, 20mg Hydrochlorothiazide, the United States also ranks 20th in high school graduation rate. Hydrochlorothiazide australia, The one area where we rank first is cost per student, demonstrating that spending more money on schools does not necessarily improve performance or solve problems.

Statistics provided by the Commissioner of Education Statistics comparing math and science proficiency in American fourth graders, Hydrochlorothiazide coupon, eighth graders and high school students with peers in other industrialized countries is both revealing and depressing. Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, The ratings, revised earlier this year, show U.S. Hydrochlorothiazide overseas, forth grade students performing poorly in comparison, eighth graders even worse and high school students generally uncompetitive with their foreign peers. By the time our students leave high school, Hydrochlorothiazide canada, if in fact they graduate at all, 1000mg Hydrochlorothiazide, and are ready for higher education or the labor force, they are significantly behind their peers in other industrialized nations in math and science.

The statistics show that in math, Hydrochlorothiazide paypal, U.S. 500mg Hydrochlorothiazide, fourth graders ranked 12th. Eighth graders ranked 28th, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale. High school students ranked 19th among 21 industrialized countries. In science, 40mg Hydrochlorothiazide, we fared a little better. Hydrochlorothiazide us, Fourth graders were ranked third behind Japan and Korea. Eighth graders were ranked 17th out of 41 but high school students lagged behind their international peers with a below-average 16th place out of 21 industrialized nations. Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, Moreover, high school rankings in both math and science would have been substantially worse had Asian nations been included at that level.

Other surveys show similarly dismal trends, Hydrochlorothiazide japan. Only 24% of the high school graduates in America-less than one-quarter-scored high enough on the ACT in math, 10mg Hydrochlorothiazide, reading, English and science to ensure that they would pass entry-level college courses. Much time in college is already spent on remedial courses designed to get students to levels they should have attained in high school, 250mg Hydrochlorothiazide. And the average ACT composite score has dropped since 2007. Some officials and experts blame this on a weakened high school curriculum and a higher percentage of Hispanic students who tend to score lower than their Asian and white counterparts, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale. 200mg Hydrochlorothiazide, The United States now ranks 12th among industrialized nations in percentage of adults with an associate or higher degree. Most U.S. college students tend to avoid math and physical sciences whereas foreign students studying in U.S, 50mg Hydrochlorothiazide. universities tend to gravitate to them. Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, Unfortunately, most now return to their native countries when they graduate because of our immigration policies that make it easier for those with little education or advanced skills to remain while much-needed mathematicians and scientists leave. 100mg Hydrochlorothiazide, If these trends continue we will lag further behind China and India in producing university graduates with the technical and quantitative skills we need to remain competitive. In spite of a stubborn 10% unemployment rate, employers say that they cannot find enough qualified employees with the necessary math and science skills for even entry level jobs in some industries, Hydrochlorothiazide india.

How did we get to this sorry state of affairs. 150mg Hydrochlorothiazide, Certainly not because of a lack of funding or a shortage of good teachers, Let me suggest a few possible reasons. We have a shortage of parenting skills, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale. Parents play a critical role in the education process and we parents are failing at it, 750mg Hydrochlorothiazide. Whether because of our own academic deficiencies, Hydrochlorothiazide mexico, insufficient time, work pressures or broken families, the results are the same: poor school performance, Hydrochlorothiazide uk. Other causes are the dumbing down of school curricula to accommodate those with language, Hydrochlorothiazide usa, learning and attention problems. Our kids don't read enough and neither do their parents. Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, Time spent on digital devices does not equate to reading and writing skills. Finally, there is, in my view, far too much emphasis on extra curricular, leisure and social activities.

It's time to stop blaming the schools and teachers for all our problems. Parents and perhaps the students themselves need to examine their priorities. Why do Asian students tend to excel academically. Because there is, in their culture, a great emphasis on the value of education and on the parents' role in instilling these values, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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No RX Deltasone

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

No RX Deltasone, by J. F. 30mg Deltasone, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

Federal deficits clearly pose a serious risk to our economy and jeopardize the future health of our country, 150mg Deltasone. These deficits are a direct result of unrestrained federal spending, Deltasone canada, primarily on social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social security, but also on fighting wars, Deltasone mexico. Reasonable people can argue over whether or not these wars were worth the cost, but few will argue the fact that a strong military is essential to America's safety, No RX Deltasone. The question, 200mg Deltasone, as always, is: how strong does it have to be and how much does it have to cost.

We live in a dynamic world where the threat is ever changing and the future is unpredictable, Deltasone australia. America has a habit of disarming after conflicts, Deltasone overseas, resulting in a military unprepared for the new conflicts which inevitably come. We were unprepared at the outsets of World War II and the Korean Conflict and we paid dearly for it in terms of initial casualties. No RX Deltasone, In the search for ways in which to reduce federal spending, no area should escape scrutiny, including defense. But in examining ways to reduce defense expenditures, Deltasone japan, risk assessment and intelligence, 500mg Deltasone, not politics, should guide us. The consequences of cutting  government programs like social programs can be measured in terms of human hardship but the consequences of unwise cuts to  the defense budget resulting in a military unprepared to deal successfully with a threat could be catastrophic, 10mg Deltasone.

Reading the recommendations of a congressional panel recently commissioned by Democratic Rep. 750mg Deltasone, Barney Frank of Massachusetts is not encouraging to those who believe that a balanced budget must not be achieved at the cost of a diminished defense capability. The report, entitled, "Debt, Deficits & Defense: A Way Forward" recommends cuts of nearly $1 trillion to the defense budget during the coming decade, $150 billions of which would come from the Navy, No RX Deltasone. The so-called Sustainable Defense Task Force recommends reducing the size of the fleet to 230 ocean-going ships.

Three successive Chiefs of Naval Operations have maintained the need for 313 ships based upon strategic analyses, 100mg Deltasone. They have stressed, 1000mg Deltasone, moreover, that 313 is a floor, not a ceiling, Deltasone paypal. Our current force level is 286 ships and, Deltasone us, based upon the current shipbuilding rate, will continue to shrink. No RX Deltasone, The shipbuilding budget has been essentially frozen at $15 billions for the past ten years. It is insufficient to maintain even the current fleet level which is hard-pressed to maintain a three-ocean deployment commitment, Deltasone coupon.

The arguments presented for this proposed reduction to America's most mobile, Deltasone india, forward deployed military service are specious. The report stated that no other navy comes close to matching ours in size or firepower. This argument seems to have seduced even Defense Secretary Robert Gates who questioned recently why we needed 11 aircraft carriers when no other navy had more than one, 250mg Deltasone.

Permit me to offer an answer, No RX Deltasone. We did not build aircraft carriers to fight other aircraft carriers nor is it the sole purpose of the U.S. 50mg Deltasone, Navy to fight other navies. Their primary purpose is to project force to any part of the world where it might be needed to protect U.S. vital interests which are many and far-flung, Deltasone ebay. No RX Deltasone, That lethal force can be delivered with astonishing swiftness and accuracy by Navy aircraft or ship-launched missiles, by Marines from the sea or air in amphibious assault operations or by Navy Seals nearly anywhere in the world. Naval forces can operate anywhere on the oceans that comprise over three-fifths of the world's surface without relying upon foreign bases. Deltasone usa, They can protect shipping, respond to natural disasters, remain on station indefinitely while providing multiple options to the commander-in-chief and provide a visible presence in troubled areas, 20mg Deltasone, the kind of presence that reassures our friends and warns our enemies. Deltasone uk, With respect to presence, the civilian geniuses on the panel concluded that the link between generalized presence and "specific outcomes' is too tenuous to warrant the cost. They also argued that a reduced fleet could be compensated for by more emphasis on "surging" naval forces, Deltasone craiglist. With regard to the former, presence does matter, No RX Deltasone. It demonstrates commitment and reduces reaction time. 40mg Deltasone, Nuclear capable warships and ships loaded with aircraft and marines on the horizon are not empty threats. Diplomatic warnings and UN resolutions often are. Besides, how exactly does one calculate the cost of not having presence in order to determine whether or not it is warranted. No RX Deltasone, Regarding the need to compensate for a smaller fleet by surging naval forces when necessary, someone needs to remind the eggheads on the panel that it takes five years on average to build a warship. Moreover, our capacity to build them has woefully deteriorated. And with respect to the need for rapidly surging naval forces, "surge" hardly applies to ships having to travel halfway around the earth at 20 knots or so and which may require weeks or months to get ready.

There should indeed be no "sacred cows" when it comes to looking for ways to reduce federal spending, but we must remember that we are a maritime nation dependent upon ocean commerce and the use of sea-based platforms for defense. We have many overseas commitments vital to our national interests, requiring a navy that is measured by those commitments, not the size and composition of other navies. Even though our ships are more capable than ever before, they still can only be in one place at a time, No RX Deltasone.

As for ways to save money, we might start by asking Congress to refrain from commissioning any more panels of academic researchers and consult some genuine experts. There are plenty of them still in uniform and their advice is free.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California.


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Buy Zyprexa Over The Counter

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Buy Zyprexa Over The Counter, by J. F. Kelly, Jr, Zyprexa japan. | Coronado

One of the least inspiring national debates in recent memory is the ongoing brouhaha over whether or not a new Islamic Center and mosque should be built in the Ground Zero neighborhood of Manhattan. By now, 1000mg Zyprexa, you've heard most and perhaps all of the arguments, pro and con, but indulge me for a few moments while I offer mine.

I am already weary of reading about it, but the issue hasn't gone away and probably won't soon, whether or not the center is ever built at the proposed location, buy Zyprexa Over The Counter. If it does actually get built there, 750mg Zyprexa, which I doubt, one can imagine a less than happy future for it. 500mg Zyprexa, It would inevitably be viewed by many, rightly or wrongly, as an enduring insult to the memory of the innocent victims and heroic first responders who died at the hands of Islamic terrorists on that fateful day in 2001.

Why, Zyprexa india, then, would sponsors and supporters of this project persist in their demands to build in this location. Zyprexa craiglist, Polls show that an overwhelming majority of the respondents oppose it. Buy Zyprexa Over The Counter, Are they all bigots. Perhaps some. Most of them, however, 200mg Zyprexa, acknowledge the right of members of any religion to build churches, temples, Zyprexa canada, mosques or synagogues wherever they wish, subject to zoning laws and regulatory approvals that apply to everyone. This is a right, it should be noted, 50mg Zyprexa, which is not reciprocated in many Muslim countries. Their objection lies in building a mosque at this location, 40mg Zyprexa, an action they feel is insensitive, provocative and disrespectful to the victims, their relatives and loved ones and to survivors.

Common sense would suggest that an alternate location, removed from the Ground Zero area, be selected if only for good public relations purposes, buy Zyprexa Over The Counter. New York Governor David Patterson has even offered state land for this purpose, 30mg Zyprexa. Why build a 15-story edifice near a location that some consider hallowed ground and who will view the structure as a monument celebrating a defeat inflicted on America by Islamist terrorists. What good in terms of combating Islamophobia and promoting tolerance toward Muslims can come from a project such as this. 100mg Zyprexa, Why go through the demonstrations and work stoppages, rights also protected by the Constitution, by the way, which likely would mark the construction process, Zyprexa overseas. Buy Zyprexa Over The Counter, If the issue were purely religious freedom, there are more appropriate battlegrounds. Protests against the building of mosques and Muslim community centers have sprung up all over America, notably in California, 20mg Zyprexa, Tennessee and Wisconsin, with little notice by the media. Religious freedom and Islamophobia are clearly issues in at least some of these cases. The issue in Manhattan, Zyprexa paypal, on the other hand, is not religious freedom. Zyprexa coupon, The issue, rather, concerns respect for the emotions and grief of millions of Americans who witnessed a horrendous attack that equaled the attack on Pearl Harbor in significance, devastation and shock effect, 150mg Zyprexa.

The symbolic significance involved here is obvious, buy Zyprexa Over The Counter. It has been a custom for Islamists to build mosques at the sites of important victories. Erection of a new Islamic Center near Ground Zero would forever be seen, Zyprexa ebay, rightly or wrongly, as an in-your-face expression of Islamic militancy and anti-American sentiment. It would be like building an American monument to Harry Truman at ground zero in Nagasaki.

There is deep-seated emotion involved here but is it fair to dismiss it all as Islamophobia, Zyprexa mexico. Buy Zyprexa Over The Counter, Even conceding that some of it may be, why do you suppose it exists. Isn't it because, with few exceptions, Zyprexa uk, the major terrorists attacks against the United States and Western nations have been plotted and executed by Islamists, some of them U.S.-born. This is not a justification for discrimination against loyal Americans of the Muslim faith, but it certainly explains why Islamophobia exists, Zyprexa usa. Surely, it is a great concern among American Muslims who should be aware that that it is a perception among many Americans that moderate Muslims have too often been reluctant to publicly condemn those who terrorize and hate in the name of Allah, Zyprexa australia, preferring instead, to shift the topic to American and Western provocations.

As columnist Charles Krauthammer recently noted, liberal defenders of unlimited rights are quick to assign labels to those who disagree with them, 10mg Zyprexa. If one opposes same-sex marriage, one must be a homophobe, buy Zyprexa Over The Counter. A phobia is, by definition, 250mg Zyprexa, an irrational fear.( I personally know of no one who opposes same sex marriage who is actually afraid of homosexuals.) Similarly, if one opposes construction of a new Ground Zero mosque, one must be a bigot. Such name-calling is the last resort of one who has run out of rational arguments that can be argued on the basis of facts and evidence, Zyprexa us.

Many loyal Americans of the Muslim faith must surely wish that the controversy would go away. It won't so long as supporters of what would forever be characterized as the Ground Zero Mosque continue to trivialize and mischaracterize the valid emotions and motives of the more than two-thirds of Americans who oppose this project.


Buy Zyprexa Over The Counter, copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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Where Can I Buy Ampicillin

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Where Can I Buy Ampicillin, by J. F. 750mg Ampicillin, Kelly, Jr. | Coronado

Eager for a foreign policy victory to bolster its sagging popularity at home and in the world, 250mg Ampicillin, the Obama Administration is launching a new round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. 1000mg Ampicillin, The prospects for success, never great in the past, are even poorer today, Ampicillin australia. Still, the consequences of failure are not enormous because none but the hopelessly naïve believe that these talks will succeed where previous ones have failed utterly to resolve anything other than the shape of the conference table and the seating protocol, Where Can I Buy Ampicillin.

Why should these talks succeed when previous ones have failed. Ampicillin us, Have conditions changed for the better since the last talks. Indeed, circumstances are less favorable for talks now than in the past, Ampicillin ebay. The land that would constitute an independent Palestine is split into two separated territories: Gaza governed by Hamas, Ampicillin coupon, a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and the West Bank, governed by the Fatah Party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, 40mg Ampicillin. Where Can I Buy Ampicillin, Hamas is opposed to the talks for starters. How can the final borders of a proposed Palestinian state be resolved at this time under these conditions. 200mg Ampicillin, On the Israeli side, Benjamin Netenyahu is a tough leader who cannot be expected to retreat on key issues like the so-called right of return for Palestinian refugees, control of East Jerusalem which both sides want and the future of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Ampicillin craiglist. Officials in his government have reportedly already stated that they don't believe it possible to reach a final peace deal, 50mg Ampicillin, presumably because of these non-negotiable issues. One was quoted in The Wall Street Journal as saying, "No one really thinks the peace talks will succeed, Ampicillin paypal. But this is how the world judges us, and so we have no choice but to go through with the dance."

With these conditions and sentiments prevailing, it is folly for President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to put the prestige if the United States on the line once again to act as broker for a deal that is bound to fail, Where Can I Buy Ampicillin. When will the leaders of the United States learn to view the world as it is instead of the way it wishes it were. Ampicillin usa, Wishing doesn't make it so.

The way this part of the world actually is at the moment is not very encouraging. Iran, 20mg Ampicillin, also pledged to Israel's destruction, Ampicillin overseas, is marching irrevocably toward acquiring a nuclear capability. Where Can I Buy Ampicillin, The Obama Administration and other Western governments, who have held this to be unacceptable, have failed to stop this looming threat. This is Israel's main worry and priority right now and it should be ours. It is not a convenient time to make happy talk about a peace process that, Ampicillin canada, even if successful, 100mg Ampicillin, could create another state hostile to Israel in its immediate neighborhood

Nevertheless, Mr. Netanyahu and his ministers will acquiesce to U.S, Ampicillin uk. wishes and participate in talks that will go nowhere. They will do so because they perceive that this is the price of continued U.S, Where Can I Buy Ampicillin. Ampicillin mexico, support, however tepid of late. In short, 30mg Ampicillin, we are being humored. 10mg Ampicillin, The Palestinians have stated before repeatedly that the right of return by Palestinians who left Israel when it became a nation is non-negotiable. Netanyahu will never accept this because he and anyone who is not blind to the facts knows that with the Arab birthrate being what it is, it would mean the end of the Jewish homeland that Israel was created to be, 150mg Ampicillin. Where Can I Buy Ampicillin, But the basic issue standing in the way of a durable peace that would result in an independent Palestinian state is the deep-seated hatred that many if not most of the Palestinians have for the Jews and a stubborn refusal to recognize Israel's legitimacy and right to exist in the Middle East. Throughout the years, Ampicillin japan, that hatred and prejudice has been taught and nourished among young Palestinians. It has manifested itself in rock-throwing, suicide bombing and rocket attacks on Jewish civilians, 500mg Ampicillin.

Until this hatred is replaced by tolerance, Ampicillin india, a process which may take generations, the "peace process" and "roadmaps to peace" are just empty terms. Until Israel's Arab and Muslim neighbors learn to not only accept Israel's right to exist but to respect them as neighbors, U.S. efforts to broker a deal for an Independent Palestine are a waste of our time and prestige and a distraction from more immediate problems, Where Can I Buy Ampicillin.


copyright 2010 J.F. Kelly, Jr

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California..

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