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No RX Plavix

Monday, April 26th, 2010

by No RX Plavix, John R. Graham | San Francisco

Last month, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research released its California Health Insurance Survey, Plavix craiglist, and the media promptly sounded the alarm. Plavix uk, According to the March 16 Los Angeles Times, “nearly 1 in 4 Californians under age 65 had no health insurance last year.”

With that kind of horror story, how can 58 percent of Americans, 250mg Plavix, according to an April 12 Rasmussen poll, 30mg Plavix, want to repeal the new federal takeover of health care. Surely, anything is better than a “system” that leaves one-quarter of children and working-age adults uninsured, 40mg Plavix. If one-quarter of us were homeless, 10mg Plavix, for example, support for any reform would surely be close to universal.

Indeed, the data for homelessness helps clarify why we’re not in the panic about health care the establishment thinks we should be, No RX Plavix. It also helps us understand why scholars, 150mg Plavix, the media, Plavix india, and the government are not giving us the information we really need to make good decisions on how to reform health insurance.

The National Alliance to End Homelessness reported last month that 671,859 people experienced homelessness any given night in 2007, Plavix paypal. So how many people were homeless that year. Plavix australia, It depends on the average spell of homelessness. No RX Plavix, If each person had been homeless for the whole year, then 671,859 people were homeless in 2007. However, if each person were homeless for only one night, Plavix coupon, then the total number of homeless people in 2007 was 245 million: about four-fifths of the population. Plavix mexico, The truth is somewhere in between.

The homeless advocates divide their constituents into “chronically” and “non-chronically” homeless. No such luck with those who survey the Golden State’s uninsured, 1000mg Plavix, which explains why the sound bite proclaiming one-quarter of Californians uninsured is misleading.

The UCLA scholars’ estimate of 8.2 million uninsured were “uninsured all or part of” 2009, No RX Plavix. 20mg Plavix, A 2003 report by the Congressional Budget Office makes clear a rapid “cycling” of people through health insurance. If we look only at people uninsured for the month of March, 1998, Plavix overseas, 8 percent were uninsured for four months or less, 100mg Plavix, 14 percent were uninsured for five to 12 months, and 78 percent were uninsured for more than 12 months. However, Plavix usa, if you look at people uninsured for some time during the whole 12 months of July 1996 through June 1997, 50mg Plavix, 45 percent were uninsured for four months or less. [Emphases added]

The current recession is undoubtedly causing people to lose health coverage. No RX Plavix, However, whether these spells of uninsurance will be longer or shorter than the historical average remains to be seen. Another major problem is more epistemological: Health policy scholars insist on categorizing those on state welfare programs, Plavix us, such as Medi-Cal or Healthy Families, Plavix ebay, as “insured,” rather than uninsured. This results in a bias towards more government dependency, Plavix japan.

Unemployed Californians are eligible for CalWORKs assistance as cash, 750mg Plavix, but we’d never categorize people who receive these welfare payments as “employed.” Similarly, we’d never say that homeless people in a temporary shelter are no longer homeless.

Categorizing people dependent on Medi-Cal and Healthy Families as “insured” hides the truly destructive consequences of these programs to families’ self-reliance, 200mg Plavix. The same UCLA survey suggests that the kids are alright because only 13 percent of children were “uninsured” for all or part of 2009, No RX Plavix.

But this disguises the reality that the share of California kids with private health insurance dropped from 58 percent in 2001 to 51 percent in 2009, Plavix canada, while the proportion on Medi-Cal or Healthy Families climbed by almost the same amount up to 32 percent. The percentage uninsured barely budged. Instead, 500mg Plavix, the growth of government merely crowded out privately chosen health insurance.

Even worse, most of this occurred during good economic times. No RX Plavix, From 2001 through 2007, California’s unemployment rate dropped from 6.4 percent to 5.8 percent. Nevertheless, the share of kids dependent on government welfare for medical services increased from 24 percent to 29 percent.

Defining and measuring the “uninsured” is critical to good health policy. Unfortunately, the way we do it in California leads only to relentless expansion of government, instead of more individual control of access to health care. CRO

John R. Graham is Director, Health Care Studies,  Pacific Research Institute

copyright 2010 PRI.

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Abilify For Sale

Friday, August 21st, 2009

by Amy Kaleita | San Francisco

A recent study of paleoclimate Abilify For Sale, , the results of which appear in the August issue of Nature Geoscience, finds that today’s climate models do not accurately predict the most similar previous episode of climate warming in the geologic record. While this should not cast doubt on the value of climate models in tools to analyze drivers and projections of climate change, the study does point out that our understanding of climate dynamics remains imperfect, 150mg Abilify.

The authors of the study, 20mg Abilify, Carbon dioxide forcing alone insufficient to explain Palaeocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum warming, include Richard E. Zeebe of the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, Abilify ebay, Department of Oceanography, Abilify craiglist, University of Hawaii at Manoa; James C. Zachos of the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, University of California, Abilify paypal, Santa Cruz; and Gerald R. Dickens of the Department of Earth Sciences, Rice University, Abilify For Sale. Abilify canada, Their research focused on the models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to generate climate projections.

In an analysis of proxy climate data from the geologic ocean sediment records, the researchers studied the ability of these models to replicate the warming observed during the Palaeocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), Abilify us, a period of 5-9 degree C warming that occurred about 55 million years ago. 100mg Abilify, The researchers found that the models predicted only about half of the observed warming, indicating that an additional mechanism, beyond carbon dioxide concentrations, Abilify overseas, was responsible for a significant amount of the warming during that period. 250mg Abilify, The PETM was not, of course, exactly the same sort of conditions we have today, 10mg Abilify. Abilify For Sale, Conditions at the beginning of the warming trend were different, with initial CO2 concentrations strikingly higher, for reasons that are not known. For the most part, Abilify mexico, there were no large amounts of ice on the earth’s surface during the PETM, and the energy dynamics of ice are significant. Nonetheless, 50mg Abilify, the inability of the climate models adequately to capture a previous episode of climate change does suggest that our models are missing potentially key relationships. Abilify india, This is not the first time research has indicated that today’s climate models fail to capture important climate dynamics. Other research has suggested that some cloud dynamics, solar activity, 500mg Abilify, and other factors, 750mg Abilify, are not well understood or integrated into climate models.

This new research published in Nature Geoscience echoes the finding that the models are not taking into account a potentially important major driver of warming or an important feedback loop, Abilify For Sale. The implications for climate projections are uncertain. On the one hand, 40mg Abilify, if the models are missing a key feedback loop, Abilify coupon, and that mechanism is relevant today, that could result in underprediction of warming. On the other hand, Abilify usa, if the models are accurately predicting current climate responses without including an important causative factor, 30mg Abilify, it may mean that the linkage between CO2 and warming is being over-modeled and over-sold.

Climate modeling is far from a precise science. Abilify For Sale, The last decade of global temperatures (from about January 1999 onward) reveals little to no warming. This runs contrary to the estimates of most runs of climate models – though similar periods without warming do occur in a small portion of climate model runs, Abilify australia, which include a statistically random element to account for typical small-scale variability. Abilify japan, While a decade is a relatively small period in climate time-scales, this too points to the need to continue to research climate drivers.

We need to continue to discuss appropriate responses to climate change, Abilify uk, but it is inappropriate to claim that the science is settled and all the facts are in. 1000mg Abilify, Estimates of the costs of climate change are even more uncertain – making it difficult to make reasonable decisions on the basis of these cost projections. The dialogue over climate change policy should continue, with an open acknowledgement that there are still many uncertainties in our understanding, 200mg Abilify. CRO

Amy Kaleita, Public Policy Fellow, Environmental Studies, Pacific Research Institute

copyright 2009 PRI.

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Where Can I Buy Allopurinol

Friday, July 17th, 2009

by Where Can I Buy Allopurinol, John R. Graham | San Francisco

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom recently wrote a column for the Huffington Post promoting his Healthy San Francisco plan as a model for the federal “public option” touted by President Obama. 250mg Allopurinol, Healthy San Francisco could be a model, but not in the way Mayor Newsom imagines.

Currently under negotiation between federal politicians and lobbyists, Allopurinol india, the “public option” refers to a new complex of bureaucracies that would provide health insurance to any American who prefers to have his health insurance paid for by taxpayers rather than receive it as a benefit of employment or acquire it himself. 150mg Allopurinol, Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael O, Where Can I Buy Allopurinol. Leavitt describes this as a “Trojan horse” that would crowd out health insurance chosen by employers or individuals and metastasize into a government monopoly.

The public option aims to tax privately purchased health benefits to subsidize these new bureaucracies which, Allopurinol paypal, like Medicaid, 50mg Allopurinol, will likely be scattered across federal, state, and local governments, Allopurinol coupon. That is a key reason why an estimated 119 million Americans will lose their private health benefits and become dependent on the “public option, Allopurinol craiglist, ” according to economists at The Lewin Group.

Democratic leaders insist that the “public option” will not cause people to drop their private coverage. Where Can I Buy Allopurinol, Unfortunately, President Obama and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have previously made no secret of their preference for single-payer, government-monopoly health insurance, as in Canada. So, 40mg Allopurinol, it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that they would actually prefer maximum crowd-out. Allopurinol overseas, Voters who prefer choice in health care have become skittish, and they have other reasons for concern. Every time Democratic leaders roll out a federal health reform proposal, Allopurinol usa, the Congressional Budget Office issues a report concluding that the costs will be much higher than the politicians suggest. 500mg Allopurinol, To buck the tide, the White House has called upon Mayor Newsom to trumpet the success of Healthy San Francisco, which is the “public option” writ small, Allopurinol japan.

Mayor Newsom insists that his Healthy San Francisco, which hikes taxes on employers to pay for the city’s public-health bureaucracy, has increased choice and competition while lowering costs, Where Can I Buy Allopurinol. In recent interviews, 10mg Allopurinol, the mayor claims that patients dependent on Healthy San Francisco enjoy access to a wide selection of private doctors and services through the plan’s “Care Network.” That sounds good but it isn’t true.

Until June, the “network” was limited to branches of the Department of Public Health and the Community Clinic Consortium, 100mg Allopurinol, alongside two private providers. Allopurinol australia, However, one private provider is the Sr. Mary Philippa Health Center, 30mg Allopurinol, the charity wing of St. Where Can I Buy Allopurinol, Mary's Medical Center, a small part of the mega-system Catholic Healthcare West. 1000mg Allopurinol, This is doubtless a fine center for poor people but non-profit hospitals affiliated with communities of faith have been doing this long before Mayor Newsom got involved.

The second private provider is the Chinese Community Health Association, undoubtedly a similarly motivated organization, Allopurinol uk. These two private providers served less than three percent of Healthy San Francisco’s dependents, 200mg Allopurinol, according to a January, 2009, report, Allopurinol us. Noticeably absent from The Care Network were any mainstream hospitals or physician practices.

On June 3, after two years of operations, Healthy San Francisco finally added Kaiser Permanente to its network – but this move bears all the signs of political pressure, Where Can I Buy Allopurinol. 20mg Allopurinol, Kaiser Permanente is an HMO, a model which integrates payer and provider. It makes no sense for Kaiser Permanente to “join” Healthy San Francisco’s network, Allopurinol canada. Even Blue Cross, Allopurinol ebay, Blue Shield, CIGNA, or Aetna can’t get Kaiser Permanente to join their networks, Allopurinol mexico, because they are competitors. 750mg Allopurinol, The only part of Healthy San Francisco that’s “real” are the taxes, of which $28 million were levied on San Francisco’s small businesses in 2008. Despite this excess taxation, there are signs that lack of access to care – a classic side-effect of government programs – is a significant problem. According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle in March, pregnant women with appointments were waiting five hours to be seen, and women seeking mammograms experienced severe backups at San Francisco General Hospital.

High taxes, high costs, limited choice, and long waits under a “public option.” Is this the future of health care in the United States? CRO

John R. Graham is Director, Health Care Studies,  Pacific Research Institute

copyright 2009 PRI.

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Buy Xopenex No Prescription

Friday, July 10th, 2009

by Daniel Ballon | San Francisco

Last Buy Xopenex No Prescription, week Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed a budget measure that would have cut off the livelihood of thousands of California’s small Internet businesses. As the state faces a $26 billion budget deficit and record high unemployment, Schwarzenegger declared that “we should be doing everything we can to keep jobs and create jobs in California.”

Legislators estimated this measure would raise $150 million over the next two years, 750mg Xopenex, even as mounting evidence suggests it will not raise a penny. 40mg Xopenex, Though California consumers must pay sales tax on every purchase they make, a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision forbids states from forcing out-of-state companies to deduct these taxes automatically on consumers’ behalf, 200mg Xopenex. Unless the company has a physical presence within the state, Xopenex coupon, known as “nexus,” consumers are responsible for paying the tax themselves.

Frustrated by low compliance, lawmakers sought to expand the definition of nexus, Buy Xopenex No Prescription.
Many e-commerce leaders, Xopenex paypal, such as Washington-based and Utah-based Overstock, Xopenex craiglist, place advertisements on the websites of California small businesses. The legislature passed a measure declaring that such relationships constitute nexus. Because the Internet allows data to flow seamlessly across state borders, 500mg Xopenex, these companies don’t have to advertise on California websites to reach California customers. Xopenex us, As a result, they could simply stop paying California small businesses to run their advertisements. Buy Xopenex No Prescription, That is exactly what happened when other states took this approach.

Both Amazon and Overstock recently terminated their advertising relationships with businesses in North Carolina, Xopenex australia, Rhode Island, 100mg Xopenex, and Hawaii. Similarly, Overstock immediately ceased advertisements in California after the Legislature’s recent action, 150mg Xopenex, and Amazon warned Governor Schwarzenegger that “if this new tax collection scheme were enacted, Xopenex uk, Amazon would have little choice but to end its advertising relationships with California-based participants.” Not only would this lead to no new sales tax collection, but it would also cost the state considerable income tax revenue.

The Performance Marketing Alliance estimates that 25, 50mg Xopenex,000 California small businesses earned $1.3 billion in 2008 from advertising relationships with out-of-state companies. Xopenex ebay, If advertisers terminate these relationships, the state could lose $123 million in income taxes. Because advertising income drives the creation and growth of countless online services, this sudden loss of income could devastate Silicon Valley and compromise California’s status as a leader in high-tech innovation, Buy Xopenex No Prescription.

Therefore, 250mg Xopenex, expanding the definition of nexus results in no benefit for the state, 30mg Xopenex, but incurs considerable harms. Desperate to end the budget crisis, the legislature advanced this proposal as a fix existing only on paper, Xopenex usa. By insisting on budget figures that accurately reflect reality, Xopenex japan, the governor has made an important commitment to find enduring solutions that “keep jobs and businesses in California.” After rejecting the nexus measure, Governor Schwarzenegger personally contacted Overstock’s CEO and convinced him to reinstate all advertising relationships with California businesses.

California should work to address its failure to collect taxes equally on in-state and out-of-state purchases, 1000mg Xopenex. Buy Xopenex No Prescription, As long as this inequity remains, businesses selling to Californians will be unfairly penalized for having a physical presence within the state.

In addition, Xopenex canada, the U.S. Supreme Court does not categorically reject forcing out-of-state companies to collect sales tax, but only taxes that “unduly burden interstate commerce.” If California lawmakers first initiated a comprehensive effort to reform and simplify the state’s tax code, Xopenex mexico, a proposal to level the playing field between in-state and out-of-state businesses may pass Constitutional muster. Xopenex india, In a time of crisis, Governor Schwarzenegger should be applauded for having the vision to reject dangerous threats to California’s high-tech competitiveness. California is already the world’s nexus of online innovation, 10mg Xopenex, and the state needs policies that attract and foster Internet entrepreneurs, Xopenex overseas, not put them out of business. CRO

Daniel Ballon, Ph.D., 20mg Xopenex, Senior Policy Fellow, Technology Studies, Pacific Research Institute

copyright 2009 PRI.

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Tindamax For Sale

Friday, June 19th, 2009

by Amy Kaleita | San Francisco

Earlier Tindamax For Sale, this month the House approved a measure that would give consumers up to $4500 to dump their gas guzzlers and buy a newer and more fuel efficient vehicle. Despite widespread support, 500mg Tindamax, this “cash for clunkers” program has its problems, and so do other environmental regulations coming out of Washington.

The “clunkers” program would direct dealers to scrap or shred traded-in vehicles with fuel economy of 18 miles per gallon or less, 150mg Tindamax. The buyer, 50mg Tindamax, in turn, would get an incentive towards the price of a new vehicle with fuel economy of 22 miles per gallon or better. Environmental groups, 750mg Tindamax, the auto industry and unions support the plan, Tindamax us, which also has its critics.

“Taxpayers should not see their hard-earned money used to buy their neighbor a new car,” explained Representative Tom Price, a Georgia Republican, Tindamax For Sale. Yet, the clunker concept is just one of many programs for which taxpayers will foot the bill, Tindamax uk.

Last month, Tindamax coupon, the Obama administration unveiled their plan to set tighter limits on vehicle emissions. By 2016, the administration wants to see a Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard of 35.5 miles per gallon, Tindamax australia. Current federal rules call for a CAFE standard of 35 mpg by 2020. Tindamax For Sale, Administration officials estimate that the plan will add about $600 to the price of an average vehicle by 2016. 1000mg Tindamax, This comes in addition to the estimated $700 added cost per vehicle from the current CAFE standard increase. Proponents argue that improved fuel economy will recoup these added costs in a matter of years. The plan, Tindamax ebay, however, 200mg Tindamax, is likely more costly than those numbers reflect.

Many economists, the Christian Science Monitor notes, Tindamax usa, believe the program’s success will likely hinge on supporting incentives and taxes. History suggests that increased fuel economy does not necessarily mean less consumption of gasoline overall, Tindamax For Sale. Tindamax craiglist, Rather, the increases in miles driven tend to offset the gains in miles per gallon. So in order for us to realize any benefits of improved fuel economy in our vehicle fleet, Tindamax canada, these programs will have to be accompanied by others that discourage gasoline use. 250mg Tindamax, The most likely candidate for that task seems to be, yes, higher gasoline taxes, 20mg Tindamax.

Still, Tindamax paypal, on its face, increased fuel economy pays off over time in reduced fuel costs. Tindamax For Sale, Even so, many consumers do not elect to pay the higher up-front costs for a more fuel efficient vehicle. This is because a number of factors, Tindamax india, not just economics, 10mg Tindamax, drive consumer choice when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Traditionally, manufacturers have not met CAFE standards through technological innovation but by making cars smaller and lighter, Tindamax overseas. Many consumers prefer larger vehicles, 30mg Tindamax, for a variety of reasons, including the reality they are markedly more crashworthy. Safer, 100mg Tindamax, that is, Tindamax japan, for consumers and their families.

Bear in mind that these federal programs can’t require anyone actually to purchase a vehicle with a particular fuel economy, Tindamax For Sale. The financial beneficiaries, therefore, 40mg Tindamax, tend to be people who would have made those choices anyway, Tindamax mexico, while the costs are spread throughout the entire taxpayer base. One might argue that the larger population benefits through reduced greenhouse gas emissions, but here we also have a problem.

If things were that simple, greenhouse gas emissions would have been steadily decreasing over the last several decades as the federal government expanded regulations and programs supporting energy efficiency. The expansion of the regulatory regime failed to curb greenhouse gas emissions, which actually decreased only in response to high energy prices at various points during the last couple of years.

All told, the real price tag of these vehicle programs is difficult to assess, but it is safe to say that in Washington things generally wind up far more expensive than politicians proclaim at the outset. As for the environmental benefits, they remain even more uncertain. In the spirit of “cash for clunkers,” legislators might want to scrap these programs in favor of something less costly, more efficient, and friendlier to taxpayers. CRO

Amy Kaleita is a Public Policy Fellow, Environmental Studies, Pacific Research Institute.

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Buy Antabuse Over The Counter

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

by Daniel Ballon | PRI/San Francisco

Governor Buy Antabuse Over The Counter, Schwarzenegger last month announced a first-in-the-nation plan to offer free digital math and science textbooks for high school students. Facing a $24 billion budget deficit, the governor touts the need for “such innovative ways to save money and improve services.” Shifting the curriculum online might help reduce the state’s yearly textbook tab of $400 million, Antabuse craiglist, but technology alone will do little to improve the quality of California’s public schools. 1000mg Antabuse, Surrounded by nearly one million high-tech workers and a world-class university system, California’s public school students should lead the nation in achievement. Instead, Antabuse paypal, students entering high school rank among the bottom five states in math, Antabuse india, and second to last in science. Digital textbooks could allow the best and brightest scientists to bring the excitement of innovation into the classroom, but not if bureaucracy locks creative ideas outside the door, Antabuse ebay.

State education officials tightly regulate the curriculum, and instructional materials must pass an arduous top-down review process, buy Antabuse Over The Counter. According to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, 30mg Antabuse, introducing new tools, concepts, or ideas is a 28-step “complex maze” spanning four years, 10mg Antabuse, and involving two state agencies, 750mg Antabuse, two committees, a state Curriculum Commission, and several expert panels, 200mg Antabuse. The LAO concluded in 2007 that “this highly prescriptive process can be linked to less competition among publishers, 20mg Antabuse, more limited district choice, higher cost, questionable quality, 100mg Antabuse, and little useful information.”

This centralized and inflexible approach is incompatible not only with digital textbooks, Antabuse japan, but with the ability to compete in a 21st century Internet economy. An open online textbook allows everyone to contribute knowledge in real time, experiment with new ideas, Antabuse canada, and help build a learning resource that is always current and constantly evolving. Antabuse us, This strips power from regulators, but does not sacrifice accuracy or quality. Buy Antabuse Over The Counter, A 2006 study published in the journal Nature found that scientific entries in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which anyone can edit, were comparable in accuracy to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Wikipedia’s open model, 500mg Antabuse, however, Antabuse mexico, has generated vastly more knowledge, with 10 million entries compared to 112,000 for Britannica’s closed model, Antabuse uk. In California’s closed education system, 150mg Antabuse, only four major publishers offer products that meet the state’s rigid mandates, and one recent review found 427 factual errors in five textbooks alone.

Some of the most promising ideas for injecting competition and innovation into the textbook market originate in Silicon Valley, Antabuse overseas. In 2006, 50mg Antabuse, for example, Sun Microsystems started Curriki (, an interactive clearinghouse for educators worldwide to share, 40mg Antabuse, rate, Antabuse usa, and improve online lessons. Today it hosts more than 60,000 members and 24,000 digital resources, buy Antabuse Over The Counter. Another nonprofit, the Palo Alto-based CK-12 Foundation (, 250mg Antabuse, allows anyone with specialized knowledge to help create Web-based “FlexBooks” that teachers can start using immediately. Antabuse coupon, Ironically, these will likely fail to meet the requirements for use in California’s own public schools, while other states are embracing the Internet’s potential to revolutionize education, Antabuse australia.

In March, Virginia partnered with CK-12 to create the “21st Century Physics FlexBook: A Compilation of Contemporary and Emerging Technologies.” While California’s cumbersome bureaucracy will produce digital versions of the same old flawed and outdated materials, Virginia’s teachers will have the flexibility to introduce emerging technologies as they emerge.

Science and technology evolve with the speed of Silicon Valley, while educational tools are stuck with the lethargic pace of Sacramento. Buy Antabuse Over The Counter, Competition creates choices and improves quality, but education officials should focus less on changing how information is delivered, and more on where. If students in public school classrooms cannot access the cutting-edge materials they need to succeed in a digital world, they should have the freedom to bypass the government’s education monopoly and choose a private alternative.

The government doesn’t pick which televisions, laptops, or digital music players Californians should buy because government cannot possibly predict how innovations will perform in the marketplace. Are education officials any more qualified to pick which digital textbooks will succeed in the classroom. When all digital tools can freely compete based on measurable outcomes, the best ideas will rise to the top, and so too will California’s students. CRO

By Daniel Ballon, Ph.D., Senior Policy Fellow, Technology Studies, Pacific Research Institute, Pacific Research Institute.

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Get Off the Lawn

Friday, March 27th, 2009

by Amy Kaleita | San Francisco

A lush green lawn has a certain aesthetic appeal, there’s no denying that. If lawn was counted as a crop, however, it would be one of the nation’s biggest, but it is far from a critical need as far as water use. Yet, watering lawns accounts for nearly 40 [...]

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The Taxman Clicketh

Friday, February 27th, 2009

by Daniel R. Ballon | San Francisco

State lawmakers last week passed the largest tax increase in California history, and will soon consider taking their expanding quest for revenue online. A proposal by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) would force many Internet retailers to collect sales tax on all orders placed by California consumers. Based on a [...]

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A New Day for Science?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

by Amy Kaleita | San Francisco

In his inaugural address, new President Barack Obama said he intended to “restore science to its rightful place” in government. Several days later, Obama again claimed a change in approach, saying, “Rigid ideology has overruled sound science. Special interests have overshadowed common sense. Rhetoric has not led to the hard [...]

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If Eight Is Enough, Why Isn’t $60 Billion?

Friday, February 20th, 2009

by John R. Graham | San Francisco

Nada Suleman and her eight babies are much in the news, with good reason. There are lessons here for everyone, and they extend beyond the fertility debate.

Ms. Suleman is the divorced mother who gave birth to eight babies on January 26. Kaiser Permanente clearly viewed the event as a [...]

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